25 Affirmations for Writers to Make Deadline

To become a writer professionally you have to have computer access.

Whether you’re an author, copywriter, reporter, technical writer or just staring at an empty journal, these affirmations for writers will help you get in the zone. Writing is a great career choice for an INFJ personality. You can read about the personality type and other great career choices in this article.

These positive affirmations can be used to ease deadline stress, help you use the law of attraction to land new writing gigs or build your confidence before a job interview.

Simply choose the ones that connect with you and repeat them aloud to yourself.

Affirmations for Writers

1.       My word choice and storytelling are captivating.

2.       Words are my canvas and editing them is my brush.

3.       People rely on the words I write. 

4.       I bring feelings and thoughts to life. 

5.       Writing is my therapy.

6.       When I write I feel good. 

7.       Expressing ideas and thoughts feels good.

8.       My happy place has a keyboard. 

9.       When I write I connect with the Universe.

10.   I can write.

11.   I am creative and bold.

12.   I love telling stories.

13.   I am not afraid to put my thoughts out there. 

14.   My writing is good enough. 

15.   Writing makes me happy. 

16.   I can take feedback without feeling hurt.

17.   Writing is finding the gem. Editing makes it sparkle. 

18.   My writing is uniquely me.

19.   I am proud of the writing I do. 

20.   I can write a novel. 

21.   When I align with my true self, the words flow easily. 

22.   Rejection is the Universe saying, there is something better ahead. 

23.   Blank pages don’t scare me. 

24.   There are no wrong ways to write what is in your soul. 

25.   Words flow easily, I simply transcribe what my inner voice tells me. 

Affirmations for writers can ease the pressure of staring at a blank page.

Affirmations for Writers FAQs

What is an Affirmation?

An affirmation is simply a positive statement that affirms or asserts what you believe to be true. Negative self-talk also affirms what we believe, but it supports negative beliefs. 

Why is Having Positive Thoughts so Important?

Having positive thoughts can help us see things more positively. In fact, what we believe shows up in our reality. We subconciously and consciously act on our thoughts and feelings (which are caused by our thoughts to manifest, or create, our lives.

How Do I Use Positive Affirmations?

You use an affirmation to replace a negative thought about someone, something or a situation. Repeat the affirmation aloud or to yourself several times a day.

You may be wondering isn’t this just fooling myself into thinking positively? Yes that is exactly what you want to do, at first. After a while, you will believe the affirmations because your life is reflecting them.
Ask yourself this: Are your doubts and negative thoughts true? Not really. But you believe them.

Do Positive Affirmations Actually Work?

Yes, but they are not magic. You can’t create what you don’t believe. For example, an affirmation that is effective at shifting your thoughts about money and creating more abundance is I deserve abundance.

Or… money flows easily to me. Both are positive thoughts, yet they don’t mention specific results. You can believe these words and feel good from them.

These affirmations, coupled with action to allow more abundance into your life will change your money situation.

On the other hand, an affirmation such as I have $1 million dollars right now is not believable and is too specific. Affirmations about other people do not work.

How Can I Believe Something That I Don’t Feel is True?

Affirmations ask us to take a leap of faith. We have to suspend our belief of reality to change our reality. It all comes down to what do you want to believe?

Do you want to believe the negative thoughts of not being good enough, or in the case of these affirmations for writers, do you want to believe that the stories you tell matter?

Tracey Lamphere

Tracey Lamphere, M.S. IMC is the editor of Job Affirmations, a publication that provides information and ideas to use mindfulness, positive affirmations, and visualizations to transform your career.

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