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25 Positive Affirmations for Success, Even When You Are Stressed at Work

These powerful affirmations for success are the perfect cure for times when work stress gets the best of you. Use these affirmations when you are angry, scared, under pressure or feeling like a failure at work. It’s also important to remember that you are not your work, job, career, or performance review.

You are a unique being who is worthy of success, happiness and love.

For those of you who like to visualize using vision boards, we have a treat for you. At the end of this post is a free download of vision board printables. In case this is your first time here, we have all kinds of free printable quotes and vision board words. These are a few of the more popular ones.

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Positive Affirmations for Success During Work Stress

  1. Jobs can be stressful, but I avoid allowing professional stress into my life.

2. I just let work stress to roll right off of me, like water off a duck’s back.

3. I avoid getting stuck in stressful situations.

4. I enjoy my job and the work that I do.

I enjoy my job and the work that I do. Quote, affirmations for success, printable affirmation with blue letters and leaves. Positive affirmation, vision board card.

5. When I choose to like my work, I let go of stress easily.

6. I see work challenges as opportunities to learn.

7. When I embrace all that my job has to offer and focus on the parts I enjoy the most.

8. My joyful attitude keeps stress away.

9. I work through stressful situations and keep a peaceful heart.

10. My joy comes from within and job stress can not put it out.

11. I see the bigger picture, the stress will pass.

12. I can control my mood and I am creating good thoughts.

13. When I help others at work, I can raise my vibration.

14. Peace, calmness, and joy are greater powers than any workplace challenge.

15. Worry is a lack of deciding. I am choose to be happy and calm.

16. I am good at my job.

17. When I believe in my abilities, my doubts fade.

18. There is no failure, only learning and trying again.

19. I use my breath to relax my body, recharge my mind and realign with my true self.

20. I am resilient, I am responsible and I am ready for what’s next.

22. I allow solutions to flow.

23. I do not have to have all of the answers.

24. I allow myself to feel my feelings, then shift my thoughts to higher vibrations.

25. When I think good thoughts, good things happen.

How to Use These Affirmations for Success

To use these affirmations for success, you simply have to choose a few of them that speak to your situation. Read them out loud to try them on.

When you have a few that you like, take a breath or two and calm your mind. Say the affirmations five times as if you believe them, even if you don’t at first. Keep saying them until you feel them. When you have work stress, say the affirmation to yourself or out loud to remind yourself the stress is fleeting.

How Do I Use the Vision Board Cards?

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The affirmations for success vision board cards can be downloaded and printed on a computer. You can cut out the cards and put them on a vision board or tape them to your bedside table or bathroom mirror.

When you look at them, read them aloud. This is a visual affirmation. Over time reading these cards will become part of your daily routine. You’ll also notice a shift in energy and more positive things happening.

Positive affirmations can bring you out of the worry and stress that your work sometimes causes. If you feel stressed, try easing the burden with a few words and calming breaths.

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