35 Affirmations For Work — Even if You Hate Your Job

by Kate Williams

Do you wake up with a case of the Mondays every day? Here are 35 affirmations for work that will get you excited about being there. Even if you hate your job.

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations and positive affirmations are our thoughts and what we say. They can be said aloud or in your head. You are constantly affirming your reality, whether you recognize it or not.

When you worry about work or get worked up about how annoying people are, that’s you affirming that work is a scary place and the people there are not helpful. 

The truth is all of your internal dialogue and self-talk are affirmations. You are affirming what you want in life, even if it is not what you really want.  

So, if you wake up in the morning and think I hate my job, but I can’t find anything better, you are affirming that you want a job that you hate and nothing better.

Yes, this seems simplistic. Changing the way you think leads to a happy life. Because that’s the way the universe works.

affirmations for work can bring more positivity to your job.

How Do Affirmations Work?

Saying a positive affirmation – a positive phrase or sentence that you believe to be true – can help you control this stream of thoughts. It can also direct the thoughts in a positive direction, so you can see positive changes in your life. 

Using affirmations for work creates a new habit. We go through life believing what we have learned as a child. Be careful. Be good. Don’t do anything stupid.

Many of these thoughts keep up safe and serve us well. But other thoughts are holding us back.

They are habit based on a place and time that we have outgrown. 

These thoughts are things like: You have to pay your dues. Be happy you have a job even if you hate it. Work isn’t supposed to be fun, that’s why they call it work. You can’t just quit your job, you have to be responsible. I’m never gonna catch a break. My dream job doesn’t exist. I’m not good at anything. 

These negative thoughts are affirmations too. What we affirm is what life gives us. It doesn’t judge. It delivers. These affirmations for work will change the vibration and the tone of your thoughts.

So if you are not getting what you want, try changing your thoughts. Give it 24 hours, 3 days or 30 days. Just try it. At the very least you will feel better. Make sure you are consistent and cut off any old ways of thinking as soon as you notice yourself slipping into old habits. 

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How to Use These Work Affirmations

Here is a list of 35 affirmations that you can use to get yourself pumped about going to work.

Choose the ones that speak to you. Say them as soon as you wake up. Repeat them to yourself several times as you prepare for the day.

You may use different ones on different days depending on your situation. When you feel yourself feeling annoyed or depressed about being at work, take a few minutes and repeat the affirmations.  

35 Affirmations for Work

1.       Today is filled with blessings. 

2.       I create my own opportunities.

3.       I allow my light to shine.

4.       I love sharing my gifts with the world.

5.       My job does not define who I am.

6.       I am valued and loved.

7.       I create the life I want.

8.       My income is constantly increasing. 

9.       As my joy grows the money flows.  

10.   I look good. I feel amazing!

11.   I am grateful for this day.

12.   Every day is a chance to make a difference.

13.   I am ready to slay the day.

14.   The possibilities are infinite. 

15.   The universe shows me the way. 

16.   I am exactly where I should be.

17.   I have everything I need to be successful. 

18.   I am open to receiving abundance.

19.   I have enough. I am enough. There is enough.

20.   I choose to be happy. 

21.   I don’t have to chase success. Success finds me.

22.   When I do good, I feel good.

23.   The universe believes in me. 

24.   I can achieve anything I believe. 

25.   I am my own best boss. 

26.   Boss up. Change your life. 

27.   I am worth more than my bank account.

28.   I believe in me. 

29.   Today adventure awaits.

30.   When I ask, the universe says yes. 

31.   I value my happiness.

32.   Change is possible. 

33.   You can do this. 

34.   Wake up and be awesome. 

35.   I decide what kind of day I’m going to have. 

35 Job Affirmations for Work
These affirmations will make you feel more positive about your job even if you hate it. Replace negative talk, find joy at work and feel happy about your job.
These affirmations will make you feel more positive about your job even if you hate it. Replace negative talk, find joy at work and feel happy about your job.

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