Affirmations for when you hate your job can ease stress and bring positive change into your life.

40 Affirmations for When You Hate Your Job

Do you hate your job? A terrible boss, rude co-workers or boring tasks can make going to work a drag. These affirmations for when you hate your job are meant to shift your mindset and help you focus on what you can control. Your thoughts.

At least all of us have been in a job that sucks. Many of us have stayed at that sucky job way too long because of bills, family and the hope that things will magically improve. 

While you can’t change other people, you can focus your mind on positive thoughts, which then create a more positive reality. Use these affirmations for when you hate your job to create joy and raise your vibration. When you think happy you attract happiness.

Using the Law of Attraction to Stop Hating Your Job

Affirmations for when you hate your job can ease stress and bring positive change into your life.

Before we get into how to feel better and use the law of attraction to stop hating your job, ask yourself this:

  •  Is it the job you hate or the work itself? 
  • Do you still love what you do, you just don’t dig the surroundings? 
  • Or do you find yourself in a habit of hating your jobs after the new wears off?
  • What would it take for you to make a change? To know that you would be happy. 

Here’s a truth: You can be happy right now. 

Here’s another truth: Loving your job means loving yourself.

Here’s another way to put it: Loving your job comes from you, not your boss, your friends or even this website. 

Your job is a reflection of how you value yourself and what you think you deserve. Loving your job starts with choosing to be happy despite today’s sucky job. It’s a simple, yet not-so-simple shift that takes time to master. But you can change. But when you change your mindset you will change your life. 

Law of Attraction Basics

The law of attraction is simply what you think about creates your reality. You attract what you believe. Think happy thoughts and miracles will happen. 

“Whatever you’re thinking about is literally like planning a future event. When you’re worrying, you are planning. When you’re appreciating you are planning …What are you planning?” This quote from law of attraction pioneer Abraham Hicks is a reminder that every thought creates the future. 

If you are fixated on thoughts of how lazy your boss is or how bureaucratic the company is you feel frustrated. The frustration is attracting more frustration.

You’re frustrated with your family because they don’t get that you are being tortured to provide for them. You can’t seem to catch a break. The dog keeps running away, you lost your keys. Frustration leads to more frustration. 

Start Small and Feel the Happy

Affirmations for when you hate your job can ease stress and bring positive change into your life.

Instead of grousing about the incompetent buffoons in management or allowing anger to take over, start thinking positive. There has got to be one or two things about the job that you like. 

Start with small things. Maybe the coffee is good or being at the office gives you a break from the kids. Start there. Challenge yourself to come up with five things that you appreciate – it’s really hard to get fired, the breakroom vending machine has an amazing selection. 

Feel the appreciation. Be thankful and happy. The universe is listening. Abraham Hicks says:

“When you reach for the thought that feels better, the universe is now responding differently to you because of that effort. And so, the things that follow you get better and better, too. So it gets easier to reach for the thought that feels better, because you are on ever-increasing, improving platforms that feel better.”

Try it. What have you got to lose?

Affirmations are like Red Bulls for creating positivity. They give you more oomph and tons of good energy. Here are 40 affirmations for when you hate your job. 

40 Affirmations for When You Hate Your Job

1.       I choose to be joyful.

2.       I can find gratitude in any situation.

3.       Hating my boss, coworkers, schedule, work does not make me happy. 

4.       I have a really great job with a boss that gets me.

5.       When I learn to like the small things, big changes happen.

6.       I attract what I think. I think happy thoughts.

7.       My boss values my work.

8.       As my joy increases, so does my abundance.

9.       I love going to work.

10.   My career is a journey, let the adventure begin.

11.   I have my dream job.

12.   I attract opportunities to advance my career.

13.   My boss and coworkers appreciate me. 

14.   My work fills my soul and bank account.

15.   I am excited about going to work.

16.   I am rewarded for my effort. 

17.   New opportunities come easily.

18.   I leave work at work. 

19.   I am successful.

20.   My career is about ease and abundance.

21.   My job and I are a perfect match.

22.   I love Mondays. 

23.   When I look in the mirror, I see a success story.

24.   I speak kindly and positively about my co-workers.

25.   I refuse to entertain a negative thought. 

26.   I create my happiness.

27.   I am eager to learn new things and share my ideas.

28.   I wake up excited and happy to go to work.

29.   When I feel good, I get more done.

30.   My work makes a difference.

31.   I do not dwell on setbacks. I stay focused on my happiness. 

32.   I love what I do. 

33.   I love myself and deserve a great career.

34.   I am not afraid to change course.

35.   My happiness comes first. 

36.   Thinking good thoughts feels good.

37.   I deserve to be abundant.

38.   My work today creates an amazing tomorrow.

39.   I get paid for doing what I love.

40.   My workplace is calm and supportive.

How to Use These 40 Affirmations for When you Hate Your Job

Choose the affirmations that speak to your situation. 

What do you want to change? Select 3-4 affirmations that relate to the issue. Repeat these affirmations for when you hate your job in the morning before you get out of bed.

Psych yourself up for the day ahead. Repeat the affirmations during your commute and as needed throughout the day.

Believe the words.

How would you feel if you really had your dream job or if your work affected millions of lives? It would feel pretty great, right? That’s the vibration you want to be at to attract good things into your life. Is it delusional? Yes, but so is believing there is nothing better out there for you. 

Most of what we think is perception. It’s delusional. Why not fill your head and heart with thoughts and emotions that feel good? Good luck and love yourself!