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7 Best Careers for ENFP Personality Types

best careers for ENFP

ENFPs are a rare type, making up less than 1% of the population. They’re often considered “the entertainer” because they have such an outgoing personality and love to make people laugh.

But ENFPs also have a deep desire to help others and serve humanity in some way, which makes them great for careers like social work, teaching or even counseling.

What is an ENFP Personality Type?

ENFPs are one of 16 personality types and make up less than 1% of the population.

ENFP stands for Extravert, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceiving which makes them outgoing people who enjoy making others laugh but also have a deep desire to help humanity in some way. They’re often called “the entertainer.”

Unlike the ESFP the ENFP, is less interested in the physical world and more focused on things that make life meaningful. They thrive working with people, rather than objects or data like an ESFP might be drawn to.

How ENFPs Can Help You

An ENFP personality type is perfect if you want someone who’s creative, has good ideas about how to solve problems, likes diversity of thought when brainstorming solutions and can get along well with just about anyone! If this sounds like what you need then look no further than an ENFP.

The Best Careers for ENFPs Involve People

The ENFP is a good fit for careers that involve social work, teaching, counseling or working with people.

ENFPs are team players and we all want to be liked – so in the end they’re great at most jobs. But ENFP’s creativity can make them especially well-suited for jobs where they have room to grow their own ideas and succeed while making others feel happy too!

What Should They Study?

In terms of education more than anything else, this personality type favors liberal arts over technical degrees because it likes being creative and exploring different options. It also tends not to like following rigid rules set by society – preferring instead to think outside the box when solving problems.

Degree programs that ENFPs would enjoy include:

  • Social work
  • Teaching
  • Psychology
  • Counseling

What ENFPs Struggle With at Work?

One of the biggest issues that ENFPs can face is choosing between their creative, open ideas and what others think.

If they’re in a job where creativity isn’t encouraged or valued then it may not be enjoyable for them to stick around for long.

When this personality type does find an environment where its unique skills are needed, though, it will thrive! At other times they struggle with making decisions because there might be too many options available – which can lead to procrastination if left unchecked.

The top 7 Best Careers for ENFPs 

While the ENFP has his or her pick of careers, these seven jobs will be more compatible for this personality type.

1. Actors  

Acting is a good career choice because ENFPs enjoy the spotlight and having their creativity be on display for others. Most of the careers in this list are artistic occupations or social jobs — or a mix of both.

Actors express ideas and portray characters in theater, film, television, and other performing arts media. The median income for actors is around $20 per hour, so you may need to supplement your income with another job.

2. Social Workers

10 facts about social workers

Since ENFPs are so compassionate they will make great social workers, but do need to watch out that they don’t become too fixated or engrossed in other people’s problems because it can cause them stress.

A career as a Social Worker is just what it sounds like and so much more. It is a people-focused job that is found in many categories such as substance abuse, healthcare, family and child care and care for the elderly.

3. Therapists

Along the lines of helping people, ENFPs make excellent therapists, but they would likely be better as a psychotherapist than psychiatrist. This Myer-Briggs personality type is more interested in feelings rather than facts and data, which psychiatrists focus on. There are also many types of counseling jobs such as mental health counselor, genetic counselors, and school and career counselors.

 4. Teacher  

Teaching may not seem like an ideal match at first glance – especially one-on-one teaching where students might have different skill levels – but ENFPs love working with people of all ages. You can choose from kindergarten teachers, middle school teachers, high school teachers and post secondary teachers.

5. Entrepreneurship

The entertainer personality type would also do well as a business owner. ENFPs are motivated by creativity, doing something new and working with people to make a difference. Think of it, you can be a CEO. Starting a business could mean starting with a side hustle and growing it to a full-time job. You don’t have to know what you are doing to start a business. Learn along the way.

6. Writers or Journalists

Writers and authors develop written content for various types of media including advertisements; blogs; books; magazines; and movie, play, and television scripts.

This career is a great job match for ENFP personality types.

As a writer, you have the opportunity to express ideas, be creative and make connections with people in a meaningful way. If you are not sure about a career as a writer, here are the basic job facts.

7. Graphic Designers

As graphic designers know, they have chosen a career path where they create visual concepts, digitally or by hand. These awesome creations communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. If you want an artistic that spans many industries, then this could be a job for you. Knowing an ENFP, he or she will soon seek a leadership position as an art director or creative director.

Famous ENFPs

JK Rowling

Oprah Winfrey

Ellen DeGeneres

Abraham Lincoln

Tips on How to Succeed in Your Career as an ENFP

So how does an ENFP find success in a career? Very simply by being themselves. ENFPs are the kind of people who will never be accused of wearing a mask or persona, and this is what makes them so successful.

The ENFP personality type should strive to develop their auxiliary tertiary function: introverted thinking (Ti). This will give them more clarity for long-term goals which can help in decision making.

ENFP Personality Type Traits

In general, ENFP personalities tend to have these traits that make them different from other Myers Briggs types:

Energetic with an outgoing disposition  

Able to quickly form strong bonds with those around them – while at the same time being sensitive and understanding towards others’ thoughts and feelings   

Highly creative team player

Always seeking new challenges

Jobs to Avoid as an ENFP

While it may seem like the entertainer is a natural at every thing they do, the ENFP should be wary of jobs that require them to:

  • Keep tabs on the status of things and collect facts, data or numbers  
  • Work with strict rules that may not make sense to the ENFP type. They can’t handle this sort of environment for long periods without being drained.

Careers the ENFP should avoid are:

  • Administrative Assistant or Secretary  
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Retail Salesperson
  • Telemarketer


Kate Williams

Kate Williams is a business communications expert and is the editor of Job Affirmations. She is a professional resume writer and has studied Myers-Briggs personality types and how they influence career choice. Job Affirmations has hundreds of job descriptions categorized by the 16 Myers-Briggs types, by career interests and work values. Kate also shares her best writing tips including the proper formatting of emails and cover letters You'll find positive affirmations for work, inspirational quotes, career vision boards for your best year ever.


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