Desk like surface with a love note from your job. Do you love me? Check yes or no

22 Quotes to Love Your Work

These quotes to love your work are sure to inspire you to appreciate your job, or consider leaving your current career. Your career should light you up, make you love Mondays. If you have a job you are not thrilled with at the moment, use these thoughts as a catalyst for changing careers. Check out … Read more

99 Motivational Quotes For Success in 2021

Success is more of a mindset than a destination. These quotes for success can give you the pep talk, or kick in the the butt that you need to reach your goals.  Nothing happens unless first a dream. Carl Sandburg Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ballpark. David Ogilvy Discipline is remembering what you want. … Read more

Having a vision of your career makes getting there easier.

9 Vision Board Ideas to Achieve Your 2021 Career Goals

If you’re looking for vision board ideas that will help you reach your career goals fast, keep reading. Why Use a Vision Board? Visual reminders such as lists, post-its or motivational quotes, help you get more done and stay focused on your goals — even if those goals are remembering to get glue for a science … Read more

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29 Unforgettable James Baldwin Quotes About Humanity

This selection James Baldwin quotes is intended to remind you that no matter who you are and no matter what obstacles you face, you are a gift to this world. Baldwin, a prolific writer and social critic, was a voice for humanity and those who were and are discriminated against. He brought to light many … Read more

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22 Harry Potter Quotes to Inspire Joy After a Bad Day At Work

These Harry Potter quotes are the perfect way to boost your mood after a bad day at work. Even if you feel undervalued, and overworked the wizarding world is a treasure trove of cheerful treats. Harry Potter fans read on. Even if you don’t know your Hedwig from your Hogwarts, these quotes have it all … Read more

affirmations for job promotion article. how to use positive affirmations to get a job promotion, drawing of man climbing steps to meet a goal. Success, success at work, positive mindset

16 Powerful Affirmations for a Job Promotion in 2021

What’s your professional goal this year? These 16 affirmations for a job promotion can boost your confidence and confidence gets promotions. Dreaming about that promotion is one thing, but making it happen is another. Here’s where your mindset and goal-setting come into play. Job Promotions and Goal-setting You have had your eyes on career advancement … Read more

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30 Quotes About Change To Help You Feel Like You Just Got a Hug

Change can be difficult, unnerving and inconvenient. These quotes about change will help you feel better fast. Dealing with change is more mindset than physical, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be uncomfortable. So let’s get to the word hugs shall we? Quotes About Change in Relationships Quotes About Breakups Life always waits for some … Read more