40 Affirmations for a Career Change. How to Be Confident if Doubt Sets In

A career change can be like rising a roller coaster

A career change can be like riding a huge rollercoaster. It scares the heck out of you, but in a good way. The key to keep a level head as you move uncertainty of changing careers is to have a positive mindset.

    One of the four principles of this site is to not let fear steer your career. So that means you can’t let worry and fear drive your choices or create your reality. Worry attracts worrisome events. Fear attracts fear-inspiring situations.

    Affirmation FAQs

    Affirmations for a career change can give you the confidence you need to keep going.

    40 Affirmations for a Career Change

    1. I am in charge of my destiny.
    2. My career change is smooth and stress-free.
    3. I am on my way to my desired destination.
    4. The choices and attitudes of today shape my future.
    5. Success is inevitable.
    6. I stop and reject negative thoughts no matter the situation.
    7. There is no uncertainty when I align with my inner being.
    8. I am the architect of my career.
    9. Change helps me align with my true purpose.
    10. I am right where I need to be at this moment.
    11. I do not let the opinions of others determine my path.
    12. I know the right choice for me.
    13. Challenges are opportunities.
    14. I am creative, resourceful and brimming with confidence.
    15. This career change feels good.
    16. I respect myself and who I am.
    17. I never give up on my dreams.
    18. I find new ways to make my dreams happen.
    19. I forgive myself for not changing careers sooner.
    20. I allow myself to adjust and align my career as needed.
    21. I sweep negative thoughts aside, they are of no use to me.
    22. My career change starts with changing my thoughts.
    23. When I focus on what I want, the universe delivers.
    24. When I focus on what others want, I lose myself.
    25. My dreams come first.
    26. My thoughts align with the future I want to create.
    27. Ease and flow help my career grow.
    28. Opportunities for success surround me.
    29. Fear has no place in my career.
    30. When I don’t have the answers, the universe does.
    31. When I align, I am fine.
    32. I have all of the resources I need.
    33. Rejection is realignment.
    34. There are no wrong choices when I listen to my soul.
    35. I build my career with confidence.
    36. Each day I get closer to being the person I really am.
    37. I believe in my talents and abilities.
    38. I am perfectly suited for this work.
    39. I choose to be happy in my job.
    40. I can change the course of my life anytime I want to.

    5 Signs You Need a Career Change

    Affirmations for a career change

    There’s a big difference in having the occasional twinge of boredom or dread and feeling beat down every day. Here are signs that your soul is telling you it’s time for a career change. This information is adapted from another post about signs that you need a midlife career change.

    1. You Complain About Your Job All of the Time.

    Check yourself. Pay attention to what you say about your work for a few days. Keep track of how many times a day you openly complain about work. And write down what specifically you complain about.

    Are you always negative on the people, the work itself and the effect it has on your life? If you complain every time you talk about work, it could be time for a career change. 

    2. Work Stresses You Out.

    Signs such as stomach upset, feeling anxious, headaches, tiredness and insomnia could be stress trying to tell you something.

    Do you leave work feeling sick to your stomach, but ss soon as you leave the building, you feel like feasting on a Whataburger? It’s not you. It’s your job. Stop stressing and start changing your life.

    3. You are Bored Out of Your Mind.

    Sure there’s downtime, or you may be used to the routine, but there’s nothing worse than spending eight or more hours being bored out of your mind. You may procrastinate or avoid doing tasks, which is not good for advancing your career.

    Changing careers will definitely bring some excitement into your life.

    4. Your Job Is a Sea of Sameness.

    Do you ever feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, but without the fun of getting to mess with people because in your movie they’ll remember it?

    If it’s been years since you have taken on new responsibilities or gotten a promotion at your job, then your career may have run its course. Don’t spend 10-20 years doing the same thing. You can change careers.

    5. Sunday is Not Fun Day

    When you wake up Sunday morning full of dread because you have to go to work the next day, then you need to change things up.

    It’s normal to start feeling the anticipation of Monday on Sunday night, but feeling pure dread is your soul trying to tell you something. It’s time to listen.

    Tracey Lamphere

    Tracey Lamphere, M.S. IMC is the editor of Job Affirmations, a publication that provides information and ideas to use mindfulness, positive affirmations, and visualizations to transform your career.

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