dealing with a bad boss is frustrating

Dealing with a Bad Boss: 25 Affirmations to Calm You Down

Dealing with a bad boss can be exhausting, frustrating and can bring down your vibrations in a hurry. But you can use these 25 affirmations to calm down and carry on.

According to a 2018 report, 60% of people said they left a job because they did not like their boss. Whether your boss is an over-critical micromanager or a lazy, delegation machine, you can use these affirmations to keep your cool and make the best of a bad boss.

25 Affirmations for Dealing with a Bad Boss

1. I can work for anyone.

2. My value is not dependent on what my boss thinks.

3. I am confident and calm in the face of criticism.

4.  Harsh words and tones bounce off my force field of love. 

5. I am talented and resourceful beyond belief.

6. My job does not define the real me.

7. I do not let unkind words or actions determine my happiness.

8. I am happy. No one can take that from me. 

9.  When my boss goes low. I keep my vibes high.

10. My boss does not have power over my feelings.

11. I control how I react to negative situations.

12. This is temporary. My dream job is on its way.

13. This experience is teaching me how to be a good boss. 

14. I am in the right place at the right time. 

15. The Universe has big plans for me.

16. I really can work with anyone and have a positive attitude. 

17. Even when my boss is a jerk, I still have a great day. 

18. I am grateful for the lessons here. 

19. Anger is not the answer. 

20. I am in the driver’s seat of my career.

21. I can make a change at any time.

22. I am more than my performance review. 

23. I refuse to let others control how I feel.

24. I am a professional. 

25. My light shines. I am divine.

How to Use These Affirmations

Example of a desk vision board to deal with a bad boss

Choose the Most Relevant Affirmations to Your Situation

As one who is dealing with a bad boss, you know that he or she can go on a rampage at a moment’s notice. Choose 2-3 affirmations that most match what you need to believe.

If you are feeling demoralized after a harsh criticism, choose affirmations that will build your confidence and remind you that what other people think doesn’t matter. If you are angry and want to quit your job in a spectacular way, use affirmations to calm you and to keep going.

Repeat the Affirmation Often

Repeat the chosen affirmations throughout the day. Say it to yourself as you work. You can also reate a small vision board for your cubicle and keep the affirmations within your sight as you work. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Use Post-it notes or take a screenshot of these pins on Pinterest.