affirmations for time management can help you make the most of each day.

20 Affirmations for Time Management to Increase Productivity

At work, how you manage your time can give you the win, or make the day a waste. These 20 affirmations for time management will show the clock who’s the boss.

Affirmations for Time Management

  1. I am focused on the task in front of me.
  2. I work ahead of schedule to relieve work stress.
  3. When I plan, I have more time for work and play.
  4. I invest my time wisely.
  5. I can save time without losing my quality of work.
  6. My time is precious, I savor every moment.
  7. I eliminate all distractions.
  8. It feels good to get things done.
  9. I make time to enjoy the things I want to do.
  10. I no longer procrastinate. I make a choice and move on.
  11. I make time to rest, recharge and relax.
  12. I no longer waste time. I budget it according to my priorities.
  13. A schedule eliminates the stress of uncertainty.
  14. I respect my time.
  15. Time is a finite commodity, a precious resource not to be squandered.
  16. When I manage my time well, I feel good.
  17. There is time for everything I have to do and everything I want to do.
  18. Work fast. Play slow.
  19. I am the boss of my time.
  20. The better I manage my time, the more time I seem to have.

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are simply positive statements you say to yourself or out loud to affirm what you want. The key to making the affirmations work is believing them. For example, let’s say you get anxious around work deadlines. Affirmations for time management, specifically, can help ease the work stress by replacing the anxious thoughts with confident beliefs.

In this instance, instead of saying consciously or unconsciously “I am so screwed, I’ll never get this done on time,” or “Deadlines stress me out,” you would say “When I plan, I have more time for work and play,” or “I work ahead of schedule to relieve work stress.”

When you repeat the words, the affirmation begins to feel more natural. Your mind starts to really believe what you are telling it. When your level of belief increases, you start to see what you want to have actually happen.

Don’t believe us? Try it. You can start with a more general affirmation such as “My work is rewarding and fun.”

Now, every time you have a setback or have to do something that is boring, think “My work is rewarding and fun.” The positive affirmation will lighten your mood and help you tune into the parts of your job that are rewarding and fun.

Free Download Time Management Vision Board 2021

To get your 2021 off to a great start at work, download this free printable of vision board words and affirmations for time management. Time management is as much of a mindset as it is skill.

Vision board for 2021 time management sayings print quality PDF to download free. Have phrases like get it done and I make time for my dreams.

9 More Time Management Tools to Use Right Now

Affirmations for time management are just one tool you can use.

You have your job, your kids are involved in several after-school activities, and you’re busy. You never seem to get to that list of things you want to do for fun. When can you do the things you enjoy?

Bosses love employees who can manage their time well. You may have heard the phrase “doing more with less.” This adage, however, doesn’t have to make you into a workaholic.

Working efficiently can not only boost your career, but it can also give you more time to do what you want to do.

Affirmations for time management can get your mind in the game, but these practical tips can give you the tools you need to succeed.

1. Use a Calendar

There are so many options, from an old-school wall calendar to a dry erase board to your smartphone calendar. If you’re trying to juggle too many things, a calendar is a must.

A calendar will help you schedule events, keep track of where you need to be, and figure out how much time is left over. If you are searching for a job, it can keep you organized as you network and look for leads.

  • Keep a pocket calendar in your purse or briefcase.
  • Use the same digital calendar on all of your devices.
  • Use it to track of events, to-do lists, and long-term goals.
  • Remember to track all of your job search and career goals.

Don’t let your calendar become the junk drawer of your time. Princeton University offers this time management tip

Commitment—if you can’t commit to devoting time to a task, don’t put it in your schedule. Only schedule tasks you WILL do. Be brutally realistic, not idealistic when making your schedule. Creating a schedule you can’t actually keep is setting yourself up for frustration. If you don’t actually stick to your schedule it will soon become useless. This may have happened to you in the past.

Princeton University

2. Write Everything Down

You can be more realistic about what you can accomplish when you write down everything you have to do. This will help keep you focused and on-task.

If you are over 40 or have children, you know how easy it is for thoughts to get lost in the shuffle. Forgetting to do things and trying to remember everything is a time suck.

Use an inspirational journal to store your affirmations for time management and to-do lists. You can also use the notes function on your phone.

You deserve to have a restful mind. Avoid having chaos in your head by keeping a written record.

3. Be Real and Say No

Can you really get ready for a job fair in 30 minutes? No. Acting on a whim has no place in your career. You need to be fully prepared for the opportunity and create a reasonable timeline for getting ready.

It’s unrealistic to think you’ll be able to build your career and attend every social function. It’s okay to say no. Remember you are the boss of your time, your most precious resource.

You may feel a twinge of guilt for skipping the school band concert or not meeting friends for lunch, but if relaxing at home is how you want to spend your time — go for it. Don’t do things you will resent later.

4. ID Your Time Management Trouble Spots

affirmations for time management can help you relieve work stress. Woman stressing out at computer.

When you read through the affirmations for time management, some of them hit you harder than others. These are your trouble spots.

Maybe Thursdays after work are tough because your son has to go to football practice and your daughter has gymnastics at the same time. It’s a total stress bomb at the end of the week.

Plus, that’s the day you and your mom have dinner together. Can you say overscheduled? You are likely letting other people’s priorities take control of your time.

The affirmations for time management that are useful in this pretend predicament are I am the boss of my time and When I manage my time well I feel good.

So, if overscheduling is your trouble spot, look at your schedule and think about how you can be the boss of your time. What would a boss do?

Delegate. Delegate. Delegate.

Move dinners with mom to another day of the week. Get your spouse, another mom or your mom to take one of the practice duties (you can switch it up so both kids get your time) and let it go.

5. Be Flexible When Life Happens

The dog’s sick and your car won’t start. Or more positively you got a promotion with a new schedule and your friend got you a ticket to see Hamilton on Tuesday night.

Some things aren’t etched in stone and there will be times when more important things come up. If you have a schedule and calendar, you can move things around.

You can see exactly what kind of time you have and plan.

6. Prioritize, Don’t Apologize

Your career and family will most likely be your first priority.

When you clearly state your priorities, decisions about managing your time become easier.

Princeton University students are given this piece of advice about scheduling:

First Things First—if you can do so, schedule the things that are most important to you first thing in the day, or at the first available time slot. Anything that gets scheduled later in the day has a greater chance of getting interrupted, put off and never gotten to. You won’t be thinking or worrying about your work during your leisure time if you get academic tasks done first.

Princeton University Principles of Effective Time Management

7. Limit Work Meetings

Work meetings can destroy productivity

While affirmations for time management are great for changing your mindset, they will not solve our need for meetings. Meetings can be the nemesis of productivity.

Many meetings lack productivity and take too much time. If you can excuse yourself from meetings, do it. If you are in charge of meetings, use these strategies to make the most of them.

  • Keep meetings short, 30 minutes tops.
  • Have an agenda and keep people on topic and on schedule.
  • Have a walking or standing meeting to literally keep things moving.
  • Develop criteria that qualify a topic for a meeting.
  • Try to get as many things done by email, phone or chat first.

8. Make Time for Fun

Fun is not a frivolity that can be saved for last. Having fun and doing activities that you enjoy is crucial to your mental and physical health.

Guard this fun time.

Do not use it as wiggle room in your calendar.

Do not have it be the first to go when you overschedule.

Move things around, say no. Plan smart. Here is one more nugget of wisdom that Princeton University tells its students about time management:

Pursue fun with a vengeance—Make time for enjoyable, rejuvenating and satisfying activities like organizations, sports, and entertainment. Organize your academic and other obligations AROUND these commitments to fun.

Princeton University Principles of Time Management

Use these affirmations for time management and tips for managing your time to manage your time in a way that works for you.

To achieve your career goals, set priorities, make a schedule, establish realistic timelines, and keep a written record. If you can implement these suggestions, you’ll be on the path to success. Good luck and mark your calendars!

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