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How to Attract a Job You Love: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

So you’ve embraced a positive mindset about your career, but what now? It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and raise your self-expectations. The more you expect of yourself, the better your chances are of attracting a job that you love. In other words, raise your vibrations. Challenge yourself, push your boundaries. Take … Read more

What does success mean? You have to figure it out.

What Does Success Mean to You?

What does success mean to you? This big and elusive question is personal, but it is often asked in a job interview so your hiring manager can get an idea of how you think. Have you ever really thought about what success means? If you haven’t given the meaning of success much thought, or think … Read more

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25 Affirmations for Writers to Make Deadline

Whether you’re an author, copywriter, reporter, technical writer or just staring at an empty journal, these affirmations for writers will help you get in the zone. Writing is a great career choice for an INFJ personality. You can read about the personality type and other great career choices in this article. These positive affirmations can … Read more