What a Does an Amusement and Recreation Attendant Do? Have Fun

An amusement and recreation attendant makes guests feel comfortable at theme parks, sports stadiums, bowling alleys, carnivals, golf courses, and basically anywhere people have fun.

The amusement business has a serious side. Attendants also schedule recreation facilities, maintain and provide equipment to people participating in sporting events. They also operate rides and make sure all safety protocols are followed.

Amusement and Recreation Attendant Job Duties

If you want to work in the amusement and recreation industry, you’ll have to be comfortable interacting with many different people all day long. You’ll also have to be okay with working outside in the elements. 

You could work in the financial side of the business selling tickets and collecting money. You may also keep track of attendance or arrange reservations for people.

You may do more hospitality-related tasks such as informing people about amenities and rules. You could sell or serve concessions to guests.

Amusement and recreation attendants may give directions, help patrons with issues and keep the area clean.

Keeping people safe is extremely important.

If you like to help people have fun and enjoy the outdoors, then this could be a good job fit for you.

In 2019, amusement and recreation attendants made an average annual salary of $24,330, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Amusement and recreation attendants help people have fun

These workers are extremely customer-focused work hard to create a great experience for the person visiting the fun place. This video breaks down why working at a theme park is fun.

You could help people fasten their safety harness or inform of the safety procedures. You may have to ask unruly people to leave the facility.

You may have to inspect rides or sporting equipment to make sure they are in good condition for people to use.

Where Do Amusement and Recreation Attendants Work?

Amusement and recreation attendents work at theme parks, sporting venues, golf courses and anywhere you would find recreational activities.

Amusement and recreation attendants held 338,110 jobs in 2019 according to BLS.gov.

Top industries that employ the most amusement and recreational attendants in 2019 and related salaries.

Industry Employment Hourly Average Wage Annual Average Wage
Other Amusement and
Recreation Industries 
Amusement Parks and Arcades 52,320$11.15$23,180
Local Government40,760$11.90$24,740
Traveler Accommodation 15,520$12.51$26,010
Spectator Sports 6,980$12.57$26,140
2019 Occupatonal Employment Statistics

These are the top states for employing the most amusement and recreational workers.

State Employment Average Hourly Wage Average Annual Wage 
California 52,540$13.51$28,100
Florida 39,010$11.23$23,360
Texas 18,570$10.76$22,380
New York 18,390$13.53$28,140
North Carolina 17,470$10.11$21,040

Salary and Job Outlook for Amusement and Recreational Attendants

These workers earn a median income of $23,370 a year, with the top 10% of earners making more than $32.110. The bottom line is you won’t get rich from this career, but you will have an adventure.

These are the top-paying locations for amusement and recreational workers.

State Employment Average Hourly Wage Average Annual Wage 
District of Columbia 300$16.05$33,380
Washington 6,560$14.78$30,730
Hawaii 2,190$14.70$30,580
Massachusetts 5,030$14.09$29,310
New York 18,390$13.53$28,140
2019 Occupatonal Employment Statistics

The number of jobs is projected to grow faster than average, or by 83,500 jobs by 2028. Keep in mind, these projections were made before the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Get Hired as an Amusement and Recreation Attendant

These positions are ideal for high school and college students who want to earn money and don’t have much experience. You’ll need to have some people skills and be able to demonstrate them during an interview.

Here’s an example of a ride operator resume:

Information to Include on an Amusement Park Resume

Depending on the specific job, you’ll want to know how to do these work tasks or have some experience doing them.

  • Sell tickets and collect fees from customers. 
  • Sell and serve refreshments to customers. 
  • Record details of attendance, sales, receipts, reservations, or repair activities. 
  • Provide information about facilities, entertainment options, and rules and regulations. 
  • Direct patrons to rides, seats, or attractions. 
  • Monitor activities to ensure adherence to rules and safety procedures, or arrange for the removal of unruly patrons. 
  • Clean sporting equipment, vehicles, rides, booths, facilities, or grounds. 
  • Keep informed of shut-down and emergency evacuation procedures. 
  • Operate, drive, or explain the use of mechanical riding devices or other automatic equipment in amusement parks, carnivals, or recreation areas. 
  • Help people entering or exiting amusement rides.
  • Fasten safety devices for park visitors, or provide directions for fastening the devices. 
  • Tend amusement booths in parks, carnivals, or stadiums, performing duties such as conducting games, photographing patrons, or awarding prizes. 
  • Verify, collect, or punch tickets before admitting patrons to venues such as amusement parks and rides. 
  • Inspect equipment to detect wear and damage and perform minor repairs, adjustments or maintenance tasks such as oiling parts. 
  • Maintain inventories of equipment, storing and retrieving items and assembling and disassembling equipment as necessary. 
  • Announce or describe amusement park attractions to patrons to entice customers to games and other entertainments.