Abundance starts with the mind

6 Ways to Bring Abundance into Your Life (with examples)

Some people seem to bring abundance into their lives effortlessly and it drives you crazy. Your co-workers spend $20 at lunch while you eat a sad sandwich with your negative thoughts. They attract money. You scare it away. But here are 6 ways to bring abundance into your life beginning today.

You Want Your Deluxe Apartment in the Sky … But

Ugh, what is the deal? Prosperous people have their piece of the pie and then there’s you waving your empty plate. You want your piece of the money pie, but you’re thinking about abundance as a finite resource.

You are stuck in a comparison loop that keeps you from the prosperity that you want.

I used to think that way too. These people have plenty of cash, never stress about bills and have whatever they need at their fingertips. I would wonder What’s their secret? They have abundance and prosperity. I want an abundant life too.

What we focus on is what appears in our lives.

Truly happy people seem to have so much going for them spiritually, physically, and emotionally. They live in the moment and good things just happen to them.

You can live this way too There are specific actions you can take to create positivity, prosperity and the life you want.

Even if you have $2 in your bank account and have to eat cereal for dinner until payday, you can and deserve to have abundance in your life and career. It all starts with your mindset. The key to living abundantly has nothing to do with money.

Would you believe that people who attract wealth use the law of attraction to bring abundance into their lives.

Sure some people are just born into money, but your mindset determines how abundant you really are. This idea of thinking rich is not new.

Wallace D. Wattles wrote a short book The Science of Getting Rich, which I think is one of the best books about abundance. It was written in 1910.

What is an Abundance Mindset?

abundance or lack is all in your mind.

An abundance mindset is a belief that there is an infinite amount of resources for you to use. Resources could mean money, a “lucky break,” help from others or a new opportunity.

I have struggled with believing this myself. It seems so simple and more like wishful thinking.

But, ask yourself this: Would you rather believe there is not enough and be mad at the world, OR believe that you have more than enough and be grateful and happy about what you have?

Having a scarcity mindset, option one in the question I just posed, or a positive outlook is a self-fulfilling prophecy. That means your thoughts will be proven true, thanks to your subconscious.

You see what you want to see about your reality.

If you go through the day thinking you’re tired, you are going to feel tired. If you tell yourself I feel great, then chances are, you’ll feel good all day.

Attracting money works on the same principle. It starts by believing you are rich.

If you have a hard time embracing that you have plenty when your pantry says otherwise, think of abundance as you would think of unconditional love.

Both are infinite and available to you. You deserve to be loved and you deserve to be abundant. The end.

It’s also the belief that someone does not get abundant from someone else being in lack. There is an infinite amount of abundance and everyone is entitled to experience it.

Stephen Covey is the father of the term abundance mindset. If you’ve read the iconic The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Peoplethen you’ve heard the saying. Covey’s abundance mindset definition is ”a concept in which a person believes there are enough resources and successes to share with others.”

You have to stop thinking that there are limitations on money, love and happiness. Thoughts become things, so make sure you are thinking about making money, not needing money.

What is a Scarcity Mindset?

A scarcity mindset is believing that when your co-worker gets a raise, he or she has taken your abundance from you. It’s thinking that resources are limited like the birthday cake scene in Office Space.

Abundance is not a birthday cake from H-E-B or a pie. It is grains of sands on a beach, which are created from the endless crush of the ocean.

It is the energy in all things, always present and available for you to harness. it is a birthday cake so big, you could have a piece as big as you want as often as you want. And the cake would never be gone.

6 Ways to Bring Abundance into Your Life Now

1. Bento Box Your Life

If you have trouble getting organized, compartmentalizing everything is a lifesaver. Bento box all of your stuff so you know exactly what you have and where it is. I’m talking drawer separators, lazy susans, bins, boxes in boxes and a Caboodle or five to separate your stuff and keep yourself organized.

I bet you’re wondering: How is being organized going to get more money in my bank account or help me find a better job? Well, being disorganized can block you from seeing opportunities. I will admit I am not the most organized person, but I work on it.

It took me decades to accept the fact that when all of my things are in order, everyday living is easier and less stressful.

Having stress creates mental clutter that will keep new opportunities from appearing. Being organized eliminates the clutter.

I know where items are. There’s a place for everything and everything is in its place. If I don’t have to spend 20 minutes looking for my shoes or keys, I have time for visualizing abundance.

I wrote this guide on how to create a vision board for your career, but you can make one to create abundance.

On a practical note, when you are organized, you won’t buy things you already bought, but you can’t find them, so you buy them again. Cha ching!

Action Step: Choose one drawer or surface that’s a mess. One. Uno. Ein. The organization of 1,000,000 items begins with one small area.

I like to start on the entryway console or with a kitchen drawer. Set a timer for 15 minutes. Empty the area and organize the contents. This drawer organizer is amazing.

Get everything in that one drawer or on that one surface in its place. Make it look insta-perfect. Note how you feel.

You should feel pretty good. In a day or two check the drawer or surface for a mess. Then do another small area. It’s addicting.

2. Out With the Old to Open Yourself to Possibilities

If you don’t use something anymore, get rid of it. Clear out things you don’t need. This goes for relationships, friendships, jobs, and hairstyles.

In feng shui, there’s a belief that says if something’s broken, you’re broke. So remember that the next time you come across something that doesn’t work.

Fix it or get rid of it. It’s blocking new opportunities from coming your way.

I’ve also heard that physical and emotional clutter is unmade decisions. This rings true for me.

When I don’t want to deal with something, it usually sits until I do want to tackle it.

That could be a pile of mail I don’t want to sort through or an unfinished quilt that I started 5 years ago. Sometimes you have to decide to let go.

Action Step: Start a meditation practice to clear the mental clutter. The mind can be a chatterbox filled with old beliefs and loops that are as useless as a one-toed sock.

When you meditate, you are in the present moment and learn to calm the mind. Denise Linn is a pro at getting to the root of why we hang on to clutter. Here is a cool abundance guided meditation from Denise Linn you can use to attract abundance.

3. Giving is Living

When you clear out all of the stuff you don’t need, you can help other people by giving it away. Be sure to donate items that do not have fond memories attached to them.

Give away that lamp you and your ex bought, it is keeping you stuck in the past. Let these disappointing items connected to memories of draining people go to someone who can use them.

This idea of giving applies to your thoughts as well. Give yourself kind words.

Affirmations are a wonderful tool for calming doubts and self-criticism. If you have a job interview coming up, you should definitely check out my list of 50 job interview affirmations.

Action Step: Good thoughts only. Use affirmations when you start to hear critical voices in your head. Try it for 24 hours.

Affirmations can be as simple as I have more than enough. Money flows easily to me. My self worth is not my bank account. I am valuable, talented and deserve to be happy.

Bonus points for writing them down several times a day. The funny thing about affirmations is, the more you say them, the truer they become.

4. Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude

After you’ve organized your things, cleared the mind clutter by meditating and sharing the wealth, you should feel grateful for what you have.

This means providing each of your loved items a special place in your home. This is the simplest form of gratitude, respecting what you already have.

There is no limit on what you can be grateful for. As you get in the habit of having an attitude of gratitude, you will receive more blessings.

This step is especially helpful if you are feeling stuck or undervalued at your job. Instead of grousing about your bad boss, inept co-workers or mundane wheel-spinning, find things to be thankful for.

Think of this exercise as one of those word search puzzles. If you look hard enough, you’ll find something to be thankful for.

Learn to love money that you have. When you pay your bills, give thanks for the ability to put a roof over your head and food in your belly.

You may yearn for more financial freedom, but you have to appreciate what you have in order to attract more.

Action Step: Start a gratitude journal or list. Get a small notebook or take notes on your phone. Make a daily list of the things you are grateful for.

The sunshine, making it to work on time, eating lunch with a friend. It doesn’t have to be a momentous event.

Noting your gratitude is a huge invitation for more great events to come into your life.

5. Practice Mindfulness

You just spent time and effort ridding yourself of all of the mental and actual clutter.

Make a vow to avoid compulsively buying things you don’t need. If you feel the need to shop, look inside yourself and see what that’s all about. Are you using new items to fill a hole? Are you bored? Feeling neglected?

When you get the urge to shop til you drop, stop and ask yourself what you want to buy. Is it to feel better about a bad day at work? Do you want to buy the chance to show off a new dress so your ex will feel like a loser? If it isn’t something you really need with no emotions attached, you are just cluttering up your life again. Let it go.

You want to be purposeful and deliberate with the people and items you invite into your space. You should surround yourself with items and people that delight you, not drain you.

Action step: Play a game of delight or drain.

When you get restless and want to spend money or time with someone or something, ask yourself if they are a delight or a drain.

If they delight you, go ahead. If they are a drain or you don’t know yet which category they fall into, pursue it with caution.

6. Shift Your Thinking

When you feel like everyone has more than you, then guess what happens. Everyone has more than you.

You are coming from a place of scarcity. When you change the narrative in your head, your reality changes.

It helps to create narratives that support their circumstances, instead of thinking woe is me.

Positive affirmations can help boost an abundance mentality and rid your mind of negativity. These short and memorable phrases work to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Instead of thinking I’m broke or I can’t afford that, repeat a few of the following abundance affirmations aloud.

  • Money comes easily to me.
  • My income grows every day.
  • I love money and money loves me.
  • I have enough. I am enough. There is enough.
  • My self worth is not my bank account.
  • I have endless resources at my fingertips.

Action Step: Identify a situation where you feel angry or defeated. Look at the facts as you know them and create a new narrative.

A simple example would be (I use this one a lot) if someone speeds past you in traffic or cuts you off.

Just tell yourself their kid barfed in the back seat or they have the runs. Ok, they’re in a hurry for a good reason. Poor them.

None of it is confirmed true, but you can’t assume the driver is on the phone or late for happy hour or a complete idiot.

Instead of resorting to anger and resentment, change the story and move on.

Inviting abundance into your life starts by being truly grateful for what you have.

You can increase your abundance no matter what your current situation. You deserve abundance and the sooner you start believing that, the sooner the blessings will begin. Good luck and prosper.