What Do Buyers and Purchasing Agents Do? Why This is a Good Career for ISTP

What do buyers and purchasing agents do? In the agricultural world, these workers purchase farm products for processing or to resell. For instance, tree farm contractors, grain brokers, and tobacco buyers are all part of this group. In addition to buying items, these workers also negotiate contracts.

This is a good career for a ISTP personality type because purchasing agents or buyers have relative freedom. They get to make decisions, increase efficiencies and improve their earnings by producing more profit.

For the sake of this article, we are focusing on purchasers who deal in farm products, but the principles of the job can be applied to any type of buyer or procurement professional.

Similar Job Titles for Buyers of Farm Products

  •  Grain Buyer
  • Buyer
  • Grain Merchandiser
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Grain Origination Specialist
  • Tobacco Buyer

Why This is a Best Career for an ISTP Personality Type

When matching a Myers-Briggs personality type to a career choice, it’s important to consider three things:

3 Factors That Determine a Career Match

  1. What preferences the personality type displays, i.e. are do they get fired up from people or do they feel drained? Do they deal only with what is, or entertain what could be? This is your Myers-Briggs Type.
  2. Secondly, what job tasks the person is interested in doing. Do you want to build cabinets or write a play? Would you rather develop a substitute for sugar or run a clothing boutique? These are your career interests. You can take our career interest quiz to find out yours.
  3. And the third factor is what the person wants from a job. These wants are called work values. Do you want recognition or freedom, or do you want a stable work environment? In other words, what do you need from a job to be happy?

The ISTP as a Buyer or Purchasing Agent

The ISTP personality type is a hands-on person who wants independence. The ISTP, otherwise known as the Craftsman or the Virtuoso, wants to achieve set goals and have decent working conditions.

This personality type loves to work with their hands. They are also very much in the here and now. This means they want to be able to use their senses as part of their job. For instance, they want to touch the needles on a Christmas tree. For that matter, they want to inhale the tree’s piney scent and see the green needles.

ISTPs seek freedom. In other words, don’t tell them how to do their job. They want to set their own definition of success. Being a buyer means making decisions on the spot. Then they have to justify the choice.

What Buyers Do

As we mentioned earlier, buyers make purchasing decisions on products such as milk, Christmas trees and grains. In other words, they arrange for the processing or resale of the items. For example, a milk buyer buys milk directly from a dairy farm. Then he or she sells the milk to a chain of grocery stores.

In addition to buying and reselling, buyers also figure out how to move the product. These workers must also maintain records of business transactions.

What Buyers Say About the Job

So how do people who work as a buyer describe the job? They say it gives them freedom. As a result, they don’t mind being in constant contact with people. Buyers say they meet face-to-face with people everyday. More than 70% of the job is unstructured. In other words the work gives them a lot of freedom. Being a buyer can be stressful at times, but the freedom is worth it.

How to Become a Buyer and Purchasing Agent of Farm Products

In order to be a buyer, you’ll need a bachelor degree in a related area of study. For example, Agricultural Farm Supplies Retailing and Wholesaling programs are a popular choice. You’ll likely take courses in business, economics, management and marketing.

More Resources About This Job

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