collect PUA benefits

Your Guide to Collect Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Benefits

So you lost your job. You could be eligible for PUA or pandemic unemployment benefits. If you are unemployed through no fault of your own, you could tap into unemployment insurance, which will pay you while you look for another job. COVID-19 Unemployment Benefits  Due to the coronavirus, many businesses have shut down and let … Read more

Change at work is inevitable. How do you deal with it?

Major Change at Work? 7 Tips to Stop Being Angry About It

Whether you are teleworking for the first time or working non-stop to take care of sick patients, learning to accept change at work is critical to your career and happiness. You may be frustrated, frightened, and sad for the way things were. Most of these feelings come across as anger. You are angry at having … Read more

student loan relief is here

Get Student Loan Relief In Coronavirus Crisis

Here’s what you need to know to get student loan relief during the coronavirus crisis. On March 27, President Donald Trump signed into law the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security act, a $2 trillion economic stimulus package. All borrowers with federally held student loans will automatically have their interest rates set to 0% for … Read more

being laid off from work can be traumatic

Laid Off Now What? 9 Tips to Recover Fast

A sudden job loss is terrifying. You weren’t expecting to lose your job and you don’t have a plan. Worse than that, you don’t have a paycheck. Even though being out of work is scary, you can thrive. Being laid off from your job could be your opportunity to make positive changes. Here are 9 … Read more

Don's let nerves spoil a networking opportunity

14 Networking Tips to Work a Room Without Being Nervous

These 14 networking tips will help you make career connections in person, without being nervous. With a little advance planning and positive thinking, you can be just as poised at networking events as you are behind your computer screen. Try these suggestions for working a room. 7 Things to Do Before Your Networking Event These … Read more

Burnout symptoms can derail your career.

Burnout Symptoms, the 3 Types of Burnout and How to Fix It

It’s natural for energy levels to fluctuate from day to day, but burnout symptoms can undermine your happiness and career. Take a look at the different kinds of burnout and strategies to restore balance in your life. Researchers at a Spanish university recently discovered at least 3 distinct subtypes of burnout —burnout from overload, burnout … Read more