Figure Out the Career You Want to Do With These 10 Powerful Affirmations

by Kate Williams

The life you lead and career you want to do are up to you. But sometimes especially when it comes to the career part, there is a ton of pressure to follow others’ expectations.

These expectations can be what your parents want for you.

It can be the career path that you’ve invested time and money into that no longer fits. By the way, if you still believe that your college degree defines your career, read this article.

Expectations can also come from your beliefs.

You wanted to be earning a six-figure salary by the time you’re 40. Or being a personal chef would be fun, but you have a family to support.

When it comes to having clarity and confidence in your career, you have to know what you want.

The career you want to do is a desire. This dog sitting at a table desires food

Expectation vs Wants

When you don’t know what you want, you go along with others’ expectations. It’s easy, to leave the decisions to other people, but you will discount the most important person in your life — you.

For example, a few friends are deciding where to go for dinner. You don’t know what you want, so you let the group decide. You end up paying $10 for a bowl of soup because you’re gluten-free and the pizza place wasn’t.

If you would have said what you wanted — Thai food — and had a chance at getting a more satisfying meal.

A want is a desire. We get what we want based on how strong that desire is. You did not have a strong desire for any particular food, so you got the group choice.

Learn to Know What You Want

Knowing what you want is key to getting what you want. Knowing yourself is key to knowing what you want.

The sad reality is that the majority of people don’t know what they want. And they are OK with that.

If you are not getting the career you want to do, then you do not know yourself well enough to know what you want.

It’s time to get to know yourself by trying different things. When you find something you like, embrace it. If you like something that someone else doesn’t just remember who you are working for (you).

When you find something you want, you will feel it in your heart or your gut. You will be prompted to pursue something because that wisdom inside you will say, go here. Try this. I really want to.

This is a desire bubbling up. It doesn’t have to be rational or make sense. Just go with it. Start small and build your confidence in this little voice.

Your employer, government, financial institutions, family and peer groups are all trying to influence your life according to their wants, not yours.

Ask for What You Want

When you know what career you want to do, ask the universe for it!

Then start telling other people about your work aspirations. When you share your wants, others will conspire with you to help make your dream come true.

Expect to Receive the Career You Want to Do

You have to have the success mindset that you expect to get everything you ask for. This is where affirmations can help. Affirmations are statements that you believe to be true.

Instead of having meandering or self-deprecating thoughts, you state affirmations of what you want to be true as if it already is.

10 Affirmations to Have the Career You Want to Do

Confusion and self-doubt set in because things change. You change. Your career doesn’t change, but maybe it should.

If you’re having trouble breaking free of what others think you should do, here are 10 affirmations for having the career you want to do.

1. I am the boss of my career and my life.

2. I determine what I do and who I become.

3. I choose the career I want to do and work my way.

4. The life I live is the life that I want to have.

5. I work hard to build the career that fits me.

6. I seek the wisdom of the universe rather than rely on expectations. 

7. I choose when I change careers, how I change and why I change my career path. 

8.  I have the power to change my present and my future. I have all of the tools I need.

9. I align my actions with the career I want to do. 

10. I answer to me and me alone.

How to Use These Affirmations

These affirmations help you to find clarity and confidence when faced with criticism at work or from people you care about.

Find a quiet spot to sit and read the affirmations out loud. You should feel a strong connection to at least one of the affirmations. Focus on those as you work through your doubts.

Spend 10 to 15 minutes repeating the chosen affirmations to yourself. Repeat this process at least once a day for the next few days or until you feel confident and clear about your choices.

More to Consider

If you want to dig deeper into how to break away from expectations, you can ask yourself these questions.

  1. Do I have the career I really want?
  2. What do I need to change to have that career?
  3. Who can help me find direction in my career?

Good luck and get to know yourself.

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