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Feng Shui for Your Desk to Boost Your Money Power – 5 Steps + Free Bagua Printable

If you want to harness the energy of your surroundings to boost your money energy, use feng shui for your desk. Create positive energy, opportunities, and abundance in your work. These 5 tips will help you keep an organized work area and get the good energy flowing.

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Feng Shui 101 and Free Printable – Desk Bagua

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of arranging your environment, i.e. your home, rooms in your home and even your desk to create harmony among the five elements. Those elements are water, fire, wood, earth and metal. These elements have energy, which can be enhanced by placing them according to a bagua, or feng shui map. These maps can be pretty complicated, but this one gives you the basics.

Feng shui for your desk requires a bagua or map like this one. It segments the areas and elements for each area of your workspace.

The desk and office is where you create your life’s work and make money. Feng Shui for your office is important, especially if you are not happy at your current job.

When the energy in your office and at your desk is good, your energy is also good. That means you will get more done, accomplish your goals and get a promotion or a better job.

Let’s get started.

1. Your Desk Must Command the Space

Your desk is a crucial part of creating good energy. It should be made from wood, a natural substance that is also sturdy. Stay away from glass and laminate. The desk should also be rectangular and open. Nothing to block your view of the room. Check out these examples.

The color of your desk should be brown, black or white. The positioning of the desk is the most important part of feng shui for your office. The desk should be in the command position. The command position is when the desk is placed in front of a solid wall. When you sit behind the desk your back is to the wall and you can look out over your desk to see the whole room.


Feng shui for the office starts with good desk position. Sitting with your back to the room is not good feng shui.
This is not the command position. Your back is exposed and vulnerable. Not good for feng shui.


This desk is positioned so that the wall is behind the desk so you’re supported in your endeavors.

2. Tidy Up and De-clutter

Clutter clogs energy. It represents choices not made and thus it can really do a number on your flow. So get rid of anything you don’t use, love or need. Make sure you affirm to yourself that you are clearing the way for new opportunities and abundance.

Make sure you clear all of the drawers and storage areas such as file cabinets and cupboards. The energy doesn’t have to see the clutter to be blocked by it. If you’re feeling stuck in your job or your salary is stagnating, clearing the clutter in your work area will get help you have more clarity.

3. Use Color to Energize Your Desk’s Money Areas

As you can see from the desk bagua, color plays a huge role in feng shui for your desk. Essentially when you do feng shui for your desk, you divide the area into nine guas or sections.

Each section is ruled by one of 5 elements and 1-2 colors. The element and colors energize the area thus boosting that area of your life. Okay, so now let’s get to the money boosting areas of the bagua.

Print out the free desk bagua and align it with the edge of your desk that you sit at.

The Career Area – Black

The center front section is your career bagua. This just happens to be the area where you do most of your work. It’s where you make your money. Make sure you’ve gotten the crumbs out of your keyboard and add a black desk mat or wrist support.

The Abundance Area – Purple, Red or Green

The back left corner of your desk (if you are sitting at the desk) is the abundance area. This is the area that helps you to accumulate money. Purple, red and green (the color of money) will boost the chi, or energy flow. Try placing a small jade plant in a purple pot in that corner. Citrine crystals, and any reminders of wealth should be placed here.

This 4-inch jade plant from Amazon is hardy enough for the cube farm and its leaves symbolize coins.

This 6-inch pot from Amazon with gold diamond-shaped accents says rich dahling.

This chunk of gorgeous citrine is not for those light in the wallet, but it is pretty.

4. Set Your Intentions as You Get Ready to Work

Sure having a nice desk with harmonious and wealth producing energy is great, but your mind has to be on board. Affirmations and intentions are similar tools you can use to manifest a better job, more pay and more fun.

In order to achieve these things you have to believe them first. Check out these vision board printables that you can post on your work area or use as screen savers to remind you of what you want. Here’s a taste.

5. Feng Shui for Your Desk Is a First Step

In order to find a job you love or to love the one you have, you have to take steps to get there. Have you tried journaling or visualizing what you want? Do you know what you enjoy doing?

Once you’ve identified what you want, or what you know you don’t want, you have to take action. Research the career you’ve wondered about. Find out how people started their careers. Do things that you enjoy, but look for ways you can make money. Good luck and get tidying.