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Free Printable Affirmation Cards for a Career Change

free printable affirmations for career change

Going through a career change? These affirmations for a career change can be printed out and used for a vision board, as affirmation cards or whatever you would like to use them for. There are a total of 16 cards on two sheets. Each affirmation is from an article we wrote 40 affirmations for a career change. That article is a great guide for easing into a career change.

What are Career Change Affirmations?

Put simply, career change affirmations are positive statements that you can say to yourself when you feel doubt and stress taking over. The statements affirm a positive thought and in a sense wipe out the negative thoughts. At the very least, these career change affirmations will remind you that you are on the right path.

How to Use These Affirmations

You are free to download the PDFs, no email required or take a screen shot of them to use as a vision board wallpaper for your phone.

About the affirmation cards: Each PDF is standard letter sized 8.5 inches x 11 inches and the graphics are 300 dpi. Each career change affirmation card is business card sized. They may be cut out following the cutting guide. Print the sheets on yardstick for a more heavy-duty feel.

Using the career change affirmation cards: Choose a few affirmations that address what you are feeling in the moment, i.e. what encouraging words do you need to hear? Then say the affirmations 10 times aloud or to yourself. Believe the words as you say them. Even if you feel strange saying them. The more you say the words, the more natural they feel.

Pretty soon you will have a few affirmations set to memory, which you can say to yourself anytime those negative emotions creep in. Stay the course and see how the affirmations help you have a more positive outlook during the more challenging times of your career change.

Download the Free Printable Career Change Affirmations

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Kate Williams

Kate Williams is a business communications expert and is the editor of Job Affirmations. She is a professional resume writer and has studied Myers-Briggs personality types and how they influence career choice. Job Affirmations has hundreds of job descriptions categorized by the 16 Myers-Briggs types, by career interests and work values. Kate also shares her best writing tips including the proper formatting of emails and cover letters You'll find positive affirmations for work, inspirational quotes, career vision boards for your best year ever.


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