How Do You Apply To Target? An Essential Guide to Get Hired

Target employs around 360,000 people worldwide in over 18,000 stores. When you apply to Target and get hired there, you will work for a franchise that’s been described as a great place to work if you are a people person. Applying for such a job might be easier than you would think.

To apply for a position at Target, you can visit the customer service desk in your preferred store. A more convenient way to apply is online, through their website. 

Starting at $15 per hour, there are many different positions to pick from. Let’s walk through the application process. 

Applying for a Job at Target

Before you take the leap, you need to know who you are applying to. You will most likely be asked in an interview about how you align with the business’s ethics and mission, and you’ll want to be confident in your answer.

Take this time to find Target’s mission statement, the company’s history, and the benefits of working there. Much of the information can be found on their corporate website, such as their purpose, commitments, leadership, and even some Target trivia. Having a clear understanding of this information will give you an advantage and make you stand out throughout the interview process.

How to apply at target, the exterior of a Target retail store.

Choose the Position You Want to Apply For

The jobs available go far beyond simply what you would see browsing the aisles of Target. You may be the best fit for a job in an hourly position, store leadership, or food and beverage, but they also need people to work developing their app and in the stockroom as well. 

According to their careers website, though, there are several more roles available included but not limited to:

  • Distribution: These positions help ensure that all Target products arrive to the individual stores on time. They also work with delivery for online orders that go straight to the customer’s doorstep.
  • Finance & Accounting: Target values being fiscally responsible and having a solid foundation for the future. The Finance and Accounting team provides analysis and recommendations for growth that help improve the company.
  • Human Resources: This team holds a relationship with both leaders and team members to help expand and better the experiences that guests have each time they walk through the doors of a target store. This is done through ensuring good communication and expectations worldwide throughout their stores.
  • Marketing, media, and communications: This team draws customers to the brand. Beyond simply providing effective marketing, this team holds the company accountable to its responsibility to steward the business’s environment, resources, and key partnerships.

Job descriptions for available positions can be found on their website. Through this site, you can also find the stores that have the openings you might be looking for.

There are a lot of videos on Youtube that show people explaining why they quit their Target job, but this one gives good information on what to expect during the hiring process and what it is really like to work at Target.

Steps to Apply to Target Online 

Once you have an understanding of your options and have narrowed down the potential store and position you want to apply for, create an account on the Target Careers website and start your application.

Create an Account

To create a new account you will need an email address and to create a password.

Create your account with an email you will check regularly. You don’t want to miss a job offer because an email got lost in your inbox.

Once your account has been created, login, and search for jobs specific to what you are interested in and the best locations for you. This search will also provide a more in-depth description of each role and location.

Start your Application

If you have found the job that feels right for you, it’s time to click the “apply” button. Either start a fresh application through the website or connect a preexisting LinkedIn account.

If you’re starting from scratch, here are the steps you’ll need to take:

  • Upload a resume. This document can be in the form of DOC, DOCX, HTML, PDF or TXT files. A resume is a huge leg up in an application process, so if you don’t have one already, we highly recommend finding a template online and creating one. Here is a template from our partners at JobScan. that can be used with any applicant tracking system or ATS. These systems scan for keywords and do not like tables or graphics in resumes. If the machine can’t read your resume, you won’t get the job. See if your resume is ATS ready.
ATS friendly resume template for use at big companies such as target and walmart

Here’s our resume and cover letter checklist.

  • Enter your basic information. On this page, you’ll be asked to provide information such as your name, address, and phone number. Later on, they will ask for permission to contact you via the phone number you have provided.
  • Answer their questions. This section is where you will provide your past work experience, education, skills, etc. You’ll also be asked to answer a few legal questions and other more general questions they want to get out of the way before moving forward. This is your opportunity to shine with any prior retail experience that you might have.
  • Provide or withhold voluntary disclosures. Here you have the option to provide your gender and race. However, it is also your right to withhold that information from your application.
  • Read the terms and conditions. You must agree to the terms and conditions of the application process. Do not take this section lightly, though. Be sure that you understand each aspect of the process before you continue.

You’ll be given the opportunity to review your information before submitting your application. Be sure that all the information you have provided is correct.

You are now ready to submit your application and repeat the process for any other positions that caught your eye.

Apply for Jobs In-store

This process will look fairly similar to any other in-person application process but may leave more of an impression than a simple online application.

Here’s are some simple reminders when applying for a job in-store at Target:

  • Dress for the job you want. Be mindful of what you are wearing when you approach a job application process. Especially in a company that is so heavily reliant on fashion and style for its success, make sure you are wearing a clean and professional look when you go to apply.
  • Find someone in leadership in the store. Chances are not every employee will have access to applications. Ask to speak with a manager or leader to bypass any confusion.
  • Make a good first impression. We currently live in a state where we can’t shake hands and your friendly smile will be covered by a face mask as said person in leadership approaches you for the first time. However, do everything you can to make a good first impression.
  • Fill out a physical application. This copy of the application will likely look very similar to the online requirements listed above. Be prepared with that information so that you have it when you sit down to fill out the application.

After the Application

Once your application has been submitted, you will likely be asked to attend an interview either in person or perhaps online due to COVID-19. Know your schedule and remember to be flexible. This is all a part of creating a great first impression.

If you haven’t yet met anyone in person because, perhaps, you filled out your application online, this is the time to remember that what you wear matters. Dress professionally enough to look like someone they would trust to staff their retail department.

In Conclusion

Target seems to be a great company to start a career with. They treat their employees well, people love working there and millions of individuals love shopping there. If you are looking for a good, flexible job that you can transfer with as you grow, this is the right place for you.

Don’t forget to do lots of research, know your strengths, and understand where you want to grow. All of these points will help you land and excel in a job with Target.