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16 Powerful Affirmations for a Job Promotion in 2021

What’s your professional goal this year? These 16 affirmations for a job promotion can boost your confidence and confidence gets promotions.

Dreaming about that promotion is one thing, but making it happen is another. Here’s where your mindset and goal-setting come into play.

16 Affirmations for a Job Promotion

Now that you have practical strategies to go after the job promotion you want, it’s time to adjust your mindset. These affirmations for a job promotion will build your confidence and stop negative thoughts.

  1. I am an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.
  2. I am well on the road to success.
  3. Distractions from my career goals must step to the side.
  4. Morning and night, success is on my mind.
  5. I am mindful of my actions and act responsibly.
  6. I go to bed at a reasonable hour the night before work.
  7. I arrive at the office early.
  8. I go above and beyond when completing projects.
  9. I actively seek more responsibility.
  10. I enjoy the fruits of my labor.
  11. I climb the ladder, one step at a time.
  12. My strong work ethic, persistence, and drive for success are my secret weapons.
  13. I walk the walk that my resume speaks of.
  14. I am well on the road to success.
  15. What I do today fuels success tomorrow.
  16. I go the extra mile with a grateful heart.

Job Promotions and Goal-setting

You have had your eyes on career advancement for years, but without a plan, you’re not going to take the actions that will actually get you the job promotion.

This is where goal-setting comes in.

What is goal-setting?

Goal-setting means developing a plan to attain a certain outcome, usually within a certain timeframe. You can read an in-depth explanation of the psychology of goal-setting here.

Whether your goal is to get to work on time or get a job promotion, work-related goals can enhance your performance. Better job productivity can get you noticed and put you in the running for more success.

Goals provide motivation to keep raising the bar and achieving more. Employers that conduct annual performance reviews have recognized the motivational power of goal-setting and shifted the evaluation process to include employees in setting goals for the next year.

5 More Tips & Tools For Getting a Job Promotion in 2021

How can you put yourself into a position to be chosen to fill that coveted role?

Your doubts are working against you. Do you have the strengths and qualities that the higher-ups are looking for? Are your job skills strong enough to get you out of your comfort zone?

Here are 5 tips to get your abilities and skill set noticed so you can get that job promotion.

Affirmations for job promotion job promotions start at being good at the job you have

1. Excel at the Job You Have

In any organization, your past performance equals future performance. Your employer looks at your current competencies to determine your suitability for a job promotion.

Get These Affirmations for Success, Even If You Hate Your Job

If you excel at your current job, chances are you will have the skills to step into a bigger role. In fact, you have to embrace the parts of your job you hate to truly excel, writes Alex Lluch in his book Simple Principles to Excel at Your Job.

If you can get better at the tasks you hate, your overall job fulfillment increases and so does your success.

If the boss sees you on your phone, coming to work tardy or not being willing to take on new projects, he or she will not have confidence in giving you more to do.

Being successful at your current job also signals the universe that you appreciate what you have and you want more. The law of attraction states that like attracts like. Success attracts success. Slacking attracts slacking. So remember to:

  • Perform your current tasks to the best of your ability.
  • Stand out among your peers who are on the same level as you.
  • Show versatility and drive. Perform an unassigned task or volunteer for one no one has claimed.

2. Strive to be Recognized

Doing well at your current job is the first step, but being recognized is how you’ll really get noticed.

Getting recognized for the work you do doesn’t have to come from the top. Your co-workers can be a conduit for getting management’s attention. When they consistently sing your praises, managers listen.

You want to make sure you are helpful, courteous, take the lead (when appropriate and recognize the work your colleagues do. Get your name mentioned by as many people as possible, even people who are not on your team. The buzz will pay off.

3. Manage Your Time Well

A job promotion comes with more responsibility, not more time. You’ll have to achieve more. That’s where efficiency and time management comes in.

Get these Affirmations for Improving Time Management

How you can accomplish your current tasks with the same quality, but more efficiently?

This may be instituting a prioritization system such as the ABC method where you label critical items as A, important but non-critical items as B and nice have items as C. Get 174 more time-saving ideas from this book.

4. Tow the Company Line.

Show your support of company policies. Your employer will see that you have the maturity and responsibility to handle a more senior position.

In Corporate Confidential Cynthia Shapiro stresses the importance of not rocking the boat. Employers view you as a liability if you are always complaining, can’t be trusted to go along with company culture and cause HR headaches.

In the book, Shapiro writes, “Do you know what opinions your company has of you right now? Those opinions are actively determining your job security.”

If you want to find out what employers value and what will get you promoted, read this book.

5. Never Stop Learning.

Management is doing its own assessment of potential candidates for the promotion. You should learn as much as you can about the job promotion you want.

  • Ask people in a similar job about what it’s like being at that level.
  • Research online about the position to gain an understanding of the responsibilities you’ll probably have in your new position.
  • Spend time talking to the person who’s currently in that position to find out what the challenges are and try to figure out how you would approach them.

Only you can secure the professional future you want and deserve. Goal-setting and getting recognized for the work you do will get you closer to the job promotion. Good luck and get noticed.

When you get the job promotion, be sure to express your gratitude with a thank-you note.