911 dispatchers help get emergency services to people in need.

911 Dispatcher Jobs: 10 Things to Know for Success

Police, fire, and ambulance dispatchers, also called public safety telecommunicators or 911 dispatchers, answer emergency and nonemergency calls. It can be a rewarding, but highly stressful job that appeals to someone who loves helping people in unpredictable situations. If you’ve taken the 16Personaliies test, this job could appeal to you if you are a Virtuoso type. … Read more

downloadable vision board labels

41 Career Vision Board Labels — Free Download

If you are new to creating a career vision board, here is a page of done-for-you labels that you can print out and place on your vision board. How to Use Career Vision Board Labels Print these career vision board labels out on a standard piece of printer paper. Glue or tape them to your … Read more

Parole Officer Job Description, Skills, Salary and How to Be One

Parole, officers help rehabilitate people who are released from prison. They create plans and monitor former criminals as they rebuild their lives and transition back into society. Do you despise a desk job, but like working with people? More specifically, do you want to help people who may not have the skills or the mindset … Read more