How a Positive Mindset Can Prepare You For Opportunities

Keeping a positive mindset when things feel out of control is tough, but it’s part of the resiliency of the human spirit.

In a previous article, we looked at how to keep a positive attitude, despite feeling kicked in the teeth. Staying positive is part of having a successful mindset to reach your job search goals.

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In this article, we’ll go into how a positive mindset can prepare you for prosperity.

Wait, thinking good thoughts will bring me cash? In a roundabout way, yes. The law of attraction works all of the time. Your thoughts determine your actions, which give you consequences. These consequences make up your reality.

Law of Attraction Explanation

Joanne was laid off due to COVID-19, the company she works for doesn’t know if or when she will be hired again.

She can think thoughts like “I have the worst luck. I am so screwed.” This could play on an endless loop in her mind with variations such as “Just when I have it good, things fall apart.” “I’ll never get anywhere.” “I am getting farther and farther behind.”

These thoughts are based in fear, not facts. The fact is Joanne had no control over what her company did. The fact is millions of people lost their jobs due to COVID-19. As of June 5, the overall unemployment rate was 13.3%.

Instead of thinking negative thoughts that are not true. Try thinking positive thoughts that could be true.

In the case of Joanne, she could take a deep breath and realize that she didn’t really like her job. Maybe she loved her job and she could take the time to look at similar jobs that pay even more.

She could think thoughts such as “This is an opportunity to advance my career.” “I will find something even better than before.” “I am creative and resourceful, we will be fine.”

The perspective you take in any situation ultimately determines the outcome.

Real-life Example of Creating an Opportunity

In the headlines is 20-year-old Nifa Kaniga of Dripping Springs, just outside of Austin.

He has stood on the corner of Mercer Street and Ranch Road 12 for the past three days, holding a sign that reads “Ask Me Anything.”

He wants people to talk to him about race and have those uncomfortable, yet transformational interactions.

“It’s uncomfortable talking about race. It’s uncomfortable having to put yourself out here, but I mean that’s why I put on this sign make yourself uncomfortable,” he said. “Because it is uncomfortable to talk about racial issues and political issues,” Kaniga told CBS Austin on June 8.

On a larger scale, people nationwide have joined Black Lives Matter protests following the death of George Floyd, but Kaniga is helping people understand why they are happening.

Having a positive mindset can help you see the opportunities that you can create yourself. You are not powerless in a world that seems out of control.

Perfection Does Not Exist

There is no perfect solution that will lead you to a perfect opportunity. Mr. Kaniga wanted to do something meaningful, not perfect.

Standing out on a street corner in the Texas heat is not ideal. His homemade sign is not perfect, but it works.

Rather than seeking perfection, strive to create an opportunity that works for you. What can you do with the knowledge and skills that you have right now?

Know What You Want.

What do you want? If you’re not sure what the outcome is, goal-setting and vision boards can help you focus your thoughts.

Remember that there is no such thing as perfect. Gathering your thoughts may feel random at first, but eventually, you’ll have an answer.

For example, if you want to be happy at your job you could get a new job, look at making a career change or simply work on loving the job you have.

Dream Outside Your Comfort Zone But Stay Inside Reality

Doing something different can be unnerving, but it can also open doors never imagined. If you have an outcome in mind, it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to go after it.

Refuse to Set Yourself Up for Failure.

Setting unrealistically high expectations only sets yourself up for failure. Refuse this notion right from the start.

Give yourself achievable goals such as I will spend 30 minutes in the morning and in the evening searching for a new job. Don’t set a goal of I will apply to 100 jobs a day.

If you lack experience or expertise in something, instead of focusing on what you don’t know, pat yourself on the back for taking small steps to learn. Go for the wins.

Embrace the Help from Others.

Some of us with an all or nothing outlook, have a difficult time accepting help from others. And forget about asking for it. Think about this for a second. Do you shrug off kind words from others?

When someone offers to help are you thankful or do you say no thanks. When is the last time you asked someone for help?

If you’ve been closed off to help, it’s time to recognize that most of us don’t go out of our way to help each other unless we really want to. When you open yourself up to receive, the opportunities follow.

Do a Personal Inventory.

A positive mindset can get lost in the shuffle of life. That positivity has an influence on the opportunities and ultimately the prosperity of your life.

Take stock of when you’ve been the most prosperous in your life.

  • What are your major successes?
  • What have you done well?
  • What are you most proud of?

Acknowledge your wins. It might feel braggadocious at first, but you have feathers in your cap, flaunt them!

Remind Yourself of Your Positive Character Traits.

Spend some time making the connection between who you are and the abundance you’ve already received in your life.

Cash isn’t the Only Kind of Prosperity

Although money is a nice way to enjoy life, you can also prosper in other ways. You might get more perks at work.

Maybe you’ll be recognized in your field by getting an award. Perhaps you’ll become the “go to” person whenever people are facing a challenge.

12 Affirmations to Create Opportunities

I see the benefits of maintaining a positive attitude.

When I am optimistic challenges are not so difficult.

Positivity feeds my creativity.

affirmations can build a positive mindset

I choose to see bright side and focus on my wins.

An open mind grows stronger relationships.

I listen to others’ points of view.

I am free to choose how I respond to challenges.

Patience flows from a positive mindset.

A positive mindset is easier to maintain if you use affirmations

My goals are measured in wins, not in time.

I do not let my lack of experience prevent me from applying for new jobs.

I believe in my abilities.

Positive thinking is powerful thinking.