Resume Writing Services Guide With Cost Comparison Table

by Kate Williams
Resume writing services are they worth the cost

Not everyone has the time or inclination to slog through their work history, customize a resume and make sure it’s error-free. Resume writing services can take your information and create a document that really captures who you are and the work you do.

Are The Costs Worth It?

It can cost hundreds of dollars and oftentimes the quality of the resume correlates with the expertise of the writer. This means you can get a writer who truly understands what your industry values or you can get a writer who is just following a formula. In this article, we’ll look at a cost comparison and tell you what to look for in resume writing services. We’ll also alert you to red flags.

How Resume Writing Services Work

These companies concentrate on developing and writing resumes for people in any industry, with any caliber of experience. These professionals are skilled in formatting your resume, knowing how to create winning statements that draw attention and customizing your resume to the industry or field you are interested in. In addition to their writing skills, people who work for resume writing services are familiar with the scanning software that most companies use in order to review resumes for keywords.

In general, when you order a resume or package (this often includes a cover letter and LinkedIn profile optimization), you will submit your current resume, a few sample job postings that you want to apply to and any other information that would be useful to the writer.

The writer takes that information and in as little as 24 hours to a few days, sends you the draft for review. Depending on the resume company, you can request revisions as many times as needed or a certain number of times. Many companies offer revisions if you do not get a job interview within 30 days.

resume writing services can save you the headache of writing your resume

Reasons to Hire a Resume Writer

There are a few good reasons to invest in a professionally written resume. They include:

  • If you have never written a resume and you don’t know anyone who can help you.
  • If you have not written a resume in several years and are not familiar with the technology or formatting changes needed to make your document look fresh.
  • If English is not your first language or if are not proficient at spelling or grammar.

A good resume writer can help you create a summary statement, list your responsibilities in a concise manner, and perfect the final document. Additionally, a skilled writer will be able to help you address any concerns potential employers may have, such as explaining a change of career, or gaps in your professional history.

What to Consider When Hiring a Resume Writing Service

While some people recommend writers who are accredited or certified as professional resume writers, this is not the only consideration you need to make when hiring someone. Here are a few tips to make sure you have a good experience outsourcing this job search task.

Phone It In

Make sure that you speak with the writer, and have him/her address any concerns or questions you have about composing your resume. It may be tempting to email the writer and leave them to work magic on your documents. But, you may have expectations that are too high. Not even the best writer is going to know what specifically you want to address unless you tell him or her.

If you just want a basic starting point and plan to tweak the resume yourself, then yes, emailing it in is fine. If you want to make sure your document is submit-ready, then you should have a phone conversation to make sure the writer understands the nuances of your situation. Many of the resume services that I researched have phone consultations included in their process.

Before and After

Resume writing services should gladly provide you with a sample of a before and an after resumes they have recently completed for a client, as well as professional references. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their writing process. ask about their background, their writing and editing process, turnaround time and a detailed explanation of their fees.

This is Your Career — Ask for Revisions

If you receive your draft, and you are not satisfied with the format or there are discrepancies, ask for the writer to address your concerns before accepting the final document. The costs will vary, depending on the professional’s experience. Make sure that you understand what is involved in the cost. It is also in your best interest to talk to a couple of companies so that you can better idea of the cost. I’ve compiled the vitals of 8 companies in the table below.

Resume Writing Services — A Cost Comparison

To help you get a headstart on your research, I created this comparison table for biggest services online. It includes prices for a resume-only order, bundle pricing, turnaround time and the number of revisions.

A few notes about this table:

  • These companies offer entry-level, professional, career change, executive, military and federal. Unless indicated, all resume prices are based on entry-level documents.
  • Bundles are an entry-level resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.

Resume Writing Services Cost Comparison

Resume Writing ServiceResume
Resumes Planet$109-159$189-3095 days-24 hours
TopResumes$149$3491 week
Find My Profession $395$6953-5 days
Resume Writers$169.95$329.9524-72 hours
Resume Spice$229$4872 business days
Careers Boost$179-275$265-3455 days-24 hours

Think About Hiring Locally

Although online companies do a pretty good job, you can also hire someone in your area to write your documents. Google does a good job of presenting local options in the search results. A local writer should know the job market, i.e. how competitive certain niches are. They would also be more willing to have several conversations with you or even meet to discuss your job search situations.

This kind of customized service is going to cost you more, but you’ll be supporting a local business that can give you a competitive advantage in the job market you are applying to.

Check Your New Resume

Even though you hired a professional, you still need to do quality control. Checking your resume takes a fraction of the time it would take to write and edit it. First, run it through Grammarly to see if there are any major errors such as noun-verb agreement, spelling, punctuation, to and toos, etc. If there is more than 2 errors, send the documents back to the writer and ask for revisions.

If the items are error-free to this point, then run them through JobScan’s resume comparison tool. This handy, free tool compares your resume to the job description that you are applying for. You can uncheck the box at the bottom of the form to keep recruiters from seeing your resume. Here’s what mine looked like for a job I recently applied for. Yikes. I should have used this tool. A match of 80% or higher is considered a good match.

Final Thoughts

Is hiring a resume writing service worth the cost? Yes. If you do not have the skills and or the time to write your own resume, make the investment. It will be worth it in the long run. In order to avoid disappointment, keep your expectations in check and the lines of communication open.

If you do hire a writer, make sure that you feel comfortable with him or her and with the terms of the agreement you have. Trust and understanding will result in the best working relationship, therefore producing the best resume for your career goals. Good luck and make your resume sparkle.

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