Resumes Planet: What You Should Know Before You Hire Them

by Kate Williams

Resumes Planet is one of the more well-known resume-writing services out there today.

While you may want to write your own, you may not have the time or expertise to write a resume that will make the interview list. That’s ok. There are several resume writing services out there that do a fabulous job. They will ultimately save you time.

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Why Should You Hire Resume Writing Services?

They Have Objectivity

Your resume is the first impression a potential employer gets. To make that first impression a great one, a professional writing service has its advantages. First of all, a professional resume writer has the objectivity that you may not. They can level-up your resume so that the best employers take notice of all that you have to offer. In other words, they don’t have any ego in the game, so they can easily cut the projects out of your list of accomplishments that have no relevance. 

You Get More Than Just a Resume

While they can cost $300 or more, many resume writing services offer packages that might include coaching, interviewing resources and job search strategies that you can leverage. Remember a resume is an investment in your future. These are the top resume writing services. 

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Writing a resume is not for everyone. You can hire a resume writing service.

When to Write Your Own Resume

Quite frankly you should only DIY your resume if you feel comfortable and confident in your communicating abilities. That means you understand clear writing, keyword use and how the information should be organized.

You should definitely hire a professional writer if your are:

  • Changing careers in a dramatic fashion — a writing service can translate your resume into the language your new industry will understand. 
  • Applying for jobs that will level up your career — you’re trying to break into management, or want a senior leadership role. 
  • You have absolutely no interest in writing your resume. 

Resumes Planet Resume Writing Services Review

About ResumesPlanet

ResumesPlanet prides itself in creating result-oriented documents that get responses from potential employers. They do not use a general template and write the materials based on your job search needs. They have job search consultants who can help you reach your goals. Their rates are flat and so what you see on the pricing table is what you pay. The company has 200 writers who have expertise in more than 40 career fields.


You probably wanted a perfectly polished document yesterday, but with ResumesPlanet, you can have in as little as 24 hours. You can choose your timeframe, from 5 days (the least expensive option) to 3 days, then 2 and finally, 24 hours. With any resume writer you hire, you want to make sure the person you hire can meet deadlines and give you a quality resume that needs minor if any revisions. 

You also want to be realistic in your timetable. Be cautious about having a 24-to-48-hour delivery window. If you are requesting edits or a simple update, then go for the fast is more route. If you want a new resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, give the writer more time to do a great job. Keep in mind that a writer has to consider what your goals are and how your current experience is best presented to achieve those goals. Good writing takes time. Then there’s proofing and editing — those take time too.

Format Options

Make sure there are targeted formats offered. ResumesPlanet has a variety of resume formats such as federal, military, a CV, entry-level, career change, mid-level and executive. The company also provides samples of their work. A targeted resume is crucial for getting you to the interview phase of the hiring process. Anyone who has worked for the federal government knows they are particular about the resume format. ResumesPlanet understands the difference between a career change and a job change.

Cost vs Value

As of September 2019. See an updated price list.

As you can see from the table above, going a la carte is going to cost you more than doing a package or a bundle. But, you may not think you want all of the other items in a package. ResumesPlanet is competitively priced with a full package of resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and thank-you letters for less than $200. That said, as a new graduate, you may be thinking this is a lot of money and there’s no guarantee of success, read on.

Interview Guarantee

This is a vote of confidence from ResumesPlanet and a big reason they did so well in our resumes writing services review. It offers a tangible guarantee that you will get interviews. You can request free revisions if you do not receive a job interview in 30 days. Take the company up on this deal. Maybe the wording is off or there is a piece of information missing that would have gotten you the interview. 

Customer Service

This category is a big one. This resume writing service is easily accessible by phone and email.They are responsive too. Nothing is worse than handing over your professional life on paper and then not hearing anything but crickets on the other end. With ResumesPlanets you can make requests for revisions easily and the company is happy to make them. They treat customers with kindness and respect.

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