The Law of Attraction: 4 Steps to Get The Universe Working for You

The law of attraction is real and it’s really powerful. This simple principle can be applied to any section of your life, so why not use it to turn your ho-hum career into your dream job?

You can use the law of attraction in your career. Here are 4 ways to raise your vibration and attract the job you have always wanted.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The basic rule of the law of attraction is that like attracts like. When you’re in a healthy, successful mindset, you’ll be healthier and more successful.

Positive thinking is a powerful tool as long as you use it correctly. That’s the whole point of Job Affirmations. By changing your frame of mind, you can change your career.

Yes, this sounds so simple and Pollyana-ish, but what would you rather do? One, wake up every day feeling like you are going nowhere, not getting what you want, and dreading your job, or …

Two, convince yourself that every day is an adventure, that great things are about to happen and love every minute of it.

The choice is yours. But what mindset would make the day more enjoyable? Neither path is true until you make them true in your mind.

Does the Law of Attraction Work?

Henry Ford was a businessman who sought efficiency over artistry. But he nailed the law of attraction with one quote: Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.

The universe wants to bring you what you want. In the book E-Squared Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality author Pam Grout lets you test the law of attraction.

This book is a good intro to opening your mind to the fact that yes, the law of attraction exists. The experiments are simple like thinking about green cars, then noticing how many sunset beige-colored cars you see in the next 24 hours.

She writes “Again, nothing special is required. Just keep your eyes open and make this your intention. And then simply notice if your conscious awareness has made a difference in the number of sunset beige cars you see.”

This is one of the first books I read about the law of attraction and the idea that your energy attracts like energy. It is an eye-opening introduction to the fact that thoughts create reality.

How to Use the Law of Attraction in Your Career

Do you wake up every day wishing for a bout of the flu or hoping that there was a freak snowstorm shut down the office for a day? Do you get the Sunday knot in your stomach because Monday is coming?

These thoughts of dread and doom are keeping your energy at a lower vibration. Whether you want it or not, your negative thoughts are telling universe that you want a dreadful workplace that makes you unhappy.

Now you may be thinking, I’ll just ask for a million bucks and a job cuddling with kittens all day. But the law of attraction doesn’t work that way. You have to believe wholeheartedly in your thoughts and take actions as if the thoughts have already happened.

Here are some ways you can use the law of attraction to make your career into your dream job.

1. Visualize What You Want

The law of attraction can be a powerful career tool

You need to have a crystal clear idea of what you want in your career, not just a general or vague picture. I want a fun job is vague. I want a job with taco Tuesday is specific.

By envisioning every detail of your desire, you’ll eventually receive it!

Some people create vision boards to keep what they want in front of them on a daily basis. Yes, vision boards can be a crafty endeavor, but they don’t have to be. See these free vision board printables for inspiration.

You can create one on your phone with an app or use sticky notes to remind you of what you want. Know exactly what your goal is and outline the path for getting there.

Make sure you track your progress. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve.

Law of Attraction - Job Affirmations

2. Allow Yourself to Succeed

Allow success. You may think this sounds silly. But a lot of us fall into self-sabotage. We have limiting beliefs, which lead to defeatist thoughts and actions that at the very least delay our success.

Many of us keep ourselves from the success we hope for, whether it’s because we feel like we don’t deserve it or we’re just not allowing it. Don’t delay your dream job.

I sat on this blog idea for three years. It was too difficult. I didn’t have enough time because I had to clean my house or run errands. I wasn’t good enough. I didn’t have anything to say.

Take a look at your work and ask yourself if you have behavior patterns or attitudes that keep you from opportunities.

For instance, do you volunteer to lead a project or practically crawl under your desk when your boss asks for help? Why? Being aware of these self-sabotaging attitudes is the first step.

Do you consistently do something that sets you back every time you’re on the verge of achieving a goal? Are you a job hopper? Then you wonder why you aren’t getting promoted to management.

Or do you love stirring the drama pot to entertain yourself? But the fact is, being a gossip makes you look untrustworthy to your boss. It’s time to adopt a success mindset that will allow you to be great at what you do.

3. Get Focused

Focus on your goals to make the most of the law of attraction

It’s easy to have many desires at once. For your best results, work on one or two things at a time and give them your full attention. Meditation can quiet the mind and help focus your mind. You can read my meditation for beginners guide to start practicing today.

Without focusing your energy and thoughts on your goal, the chances of failure increase.

So if you find yourself pursuing multiple goals but never get near any of them, it’s time to focus. Shiny objects are fun and rabbit holes are tempting, but stick to your plan.

If you need help with goal-setting or letting go of limiting beliefs about your career, read these articles.

The law of attraction tells us that in order to achieve, we have to be in a clear, focused mindset, with a strong picture of a single goal.

Once you’ve focused on a single goal and achieved it, you can turn your focus to your next goal. This way, one by one, you are realizing success.

4. Be Willing to Receive

Here’s where we get tripped up. This is an often overlooked part of the law of attraction. The world is constantly giving you chances to make things better. Are you listening?

If you read this blog, you may have heard of Esther Hicks for her pioneering work about the law of attraction. She shares her messages through a dialogue with a group of spiritual guides who call themselves Abraham.

Abraham Hicks talks about the importance of allowing and receiving in this video.

If you maintain the right mindset, stay focused, and know what you want and how to get there, you’ll reap the benefits of those opportunities.

Every day there are opportunities that could lift you out of the rut and put you on the road to a better tomorrow. You just have to be willing to take advantage of them.

The law of attraction principles have helped many people change their lives for the better. It can certainly help with your career.

Keeping a positive mindset and taking action to accomplish your goals. Good luck and get out of your own way my friend.