The Truth About Career Success and 6 Ways You’re Blocking It

The hard, cold truth about career success is you’re going to have to work for it. No more excuses.

You may dream of being in shape and wearing a bikini on the beach, but if you don’t work out and eat right, you’re not going to get there. 

The same is true for finding success in your work. If you don’t set goals or develop your strengths and have a plan for your career, chances are you are going to stagnate.

Affirmations for Career Success

  1. I plant the seeds for a successful career when I stop the excuses.
  2. I can have career success even if I feel too old, too dumb or too pressed for time.
  3. I discover my interests and skills as I learn.
  4. I have a group of mentors I can turn to when doubt sets in.
  5. I can achieve anything in my career I just have to start.
  6. I invest my time in developing my skills and getting the resources that I need to be successful.
  7. I let go of excuses that keep me from trying something outside of my comfort zone.
  8. I move forward confidently in my career and sure of my abilities.
  9. I deserve career success.
  10. When I try I succeed.

Excuses and Career Success

Excuses play a major role in stopping career success in its tracks. Excuses enable us to fritter away our time and take little responsibility for the results.

Frequent excuse users are in fact using self-handicapping to keep from dealing with poor results.

We all have our go-to excuses for why we are late, why we didn’t do a task and why we don’t go the extra mile on every project.

Excuses are sneaky because they fit any situation and they protect us from being embarrassed and justify any situation.

As this article explains, excuses excuse you from any responsibility and gain empathy from the person who you are explaining it to.

Career success is not something you can just excuse away although the excuses are plenty. My boss hates me. My co-workers kiss up. The job is too hard, too boring or doesn’t pay the bills.

Let’s look closer at 6 big excuses that could be holding you back from career success.

1. I Don’t Know How.

This is a common excuse that gets you off of the hook for not trying. Ignorance does not create career bliss. When you say I don’t know, what you are really saying is that you don’t want to know.

This excuse is full of holes. In the history of mankind in this Information Age, you are going to use the I don’t know excuse. The Internet alone has millions of resources — videos, articles, interviews, courses, tutorials, and podcasts about anything in the imagination.

The best part is, you don’t have to know anything, you just have to want to learn. The key is to take it step-by-step.

Break down the learning into small chunks. Google whatever it is that you don’t want to learn and put for dummies or for beginners on the end of your search phrase.

If you don’t like going online, you can figure out how to do something through a qualified mentor. Ask around until you find the person you are looking for.

Another approach is to simply try something and then learn as you go. Tim Ferriss, has built an empire through experimenting with the status quo. He developed programs such as the 4-Hour Workweek and the 4-Hour Body. His Tribe of Mentors

2. I’m Too Scared.

Fear can stop career success before it starts. Being afraid is the most socially acceptable excuse for avoiding success. Who hasn’t been afraid in their life?

But in reality, there is little to fear in your career. You have all of the resources and support you need to be successful.

Let’s look at the thought of changing careers. It can be scary, but there is little to fear when you phase in your new career. For example, you are an operations manager and you want to be a floral designer.

You can start your own floral design business as a weekends and evenings thing. Or you can get a part-time job with a local florist. This article has a sample resume and what floral design companies are looking for.

See how it goes. If you love working as a floral designer, research what you need to do to get a full-time job.

Run the numbers on the salary and benefits. Are you willing to take a financial hit? An operations manager makes an average of $97,693 a year according to While a floral designer makes an average of $51,107 according to the same source.

Would you rather do fulfilling work or let fear take the driver’s seat?

Examine your fears. Play out your fear-filled scenarios in a game of What’s the Worst That Could Happen? Do you worry your family will starve and you’ll lose your home?

You could mitigate these fears by:

  • Keeping contact with people in your operations manager field.
  • Downsizing and developing a savings plan so that your new income can meet your expenses.
  • Making a goal of doing full-time floral work and operations management consulting on the side.
  • Working as an operations manager for a large floral company to learn more about the industry.

3. I Don’t Have Time.

This is the flimsiest excuse of them all. Think about what you spend time on. Better yet, keep a log of hour-by-hour activities for a week. You’ll be surprised at what is taking up your time.

If you really want to do something, you will make time to do it. Start by setting aside 20 minutes a day for career success. Put it on your calendar. Get up 20 minutes earlier or work it in instead of scrolling Pinterest.

If career success is truly something important to you, you won’t have a problem finding the time.

4. I’m Broke as a Joke.

Money, even though it’s nice to have, you don’t need money to have an abundant career. If you are wondering how to bring abundance into your life, I outlined six ways to get prosperity flowing.

Career success can help improve your financial situation, but you don’t need a certain amount of money to start working your way to success. Let’s say you want to be a team manager at your job.

The people who are team managers dress more formal than you. You need to adjust your attire to match their level.

  • You can go to an online secondhand clothing store or find one where you live.
  • You can borrow clothes from friends and family.
  • You can go to garage sales and estate sales to find more formal business clothing.

5. I’m Too Old.

Louise Hay author, spiritual leader and founder of Hayhouse publishing was a fashion model.

She didn’t find her true calling as a spiritual leader until she was 46. She published her most well-known book, You Can Heal Your Life when she was in her late 50s.

Is it really too late? People have climbed Mount Everest in his 80s. People have gone back to medical school in their 60s. If the desire for success is strong, you will go for it, no matter your physical age.

Here’s a Ted Talk from a man who started his own business at 66 years old.

6. It’s Too Hard.

This is another form of I’m scared. Fear of failure can stop career success before it even starts.

Good luck and no more excuses.