Guide to use indeed

How Can Boost Your Job Search

Whether you’ve suddenly lost your job, just graduated or want to find a new line of work, is one of the leading employment search tools out there.

The Austin-based Indeed touts itself as the #1 job site in the world. gives job seekers free access to search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies.

You can find salary information, reviews and general job search advice.

Why Use for Your Job Search

It’s a One-Stop Shop for Jobs is what is known as a job posting aggregator. This means that the company can access millions of job listings from websites, job boards, newspapers, blogs, company career pages, and associations to find job listings.

You don’t have to go to a bunch of sites to find hundreds if not thousands of relevant job listings.

Job seekers enter search terms to find jobs in their current location or where they would like to live.

You Can Have Job Listings Come to You

When you use Indeed in your job search, you don’t have to visit the site every day to find job opportunities, you can let the jobs come to you. There are a few ways to access job listings without a computer.

The App

screenshot of the app in the Apple app store
Screenshot of app listing in Apple App store.

You can download the free app on your phone or tablet, so you can search for jobs anytime. It is available on the Google Play site or through the Apple App store.

The Indeed app is just as good as the website.

Sign Up for Email Notifications

When you search for a job, Indeed will ask you if you want to create an email alert. Sign up.

You will get new job postings in your email. The earlier you apply, the greater the odds your job application will be considered.

Upload Your Resume

You can create an Indeed resume on your mobile device. You can also do this on your desktop.

When you open the app, you’ll be asked to sign in. You can use Google, Facebook or email to create an account, but you don’t have to.

On the job search screen on the mobile app, go to the Create your Resume link.

You have to enter your email address and confirm your address.

Then you will be asked to create an account.

After your account is created, you can upload a current resume by clicking the Upload Resume to Start button.

You’ll be asked how you want to upload the document. Click the browse function to search Google Drive, Dropbox, photos and files on your mobile device.

The app will create a resume based on the document, so if your resume is plain, i.e. no photos or fancy graphics, it should populate the fields easily. You will want to go through and make any changes.

You can adjust the privacy settings based on your level of comfort of having your resume out there for everyone to see. Having a resume that employers can see will allow them to contact you directly.

You can also use the Easy Apply and Apply from Your Phone functions to get your resume to employers faster.

How to Search for Jobs on 

When you first pull up, you’ll notice it has the look and feel of search engines such as Google. The design of the site is minimal, which makes it easy to use.

When you type in a job title, such as urban planners or a function of a job such as writing, or degree subject such as mathematics, you are likely to get a ton of job listings.

Performing a Basic Job Search is one of the most popular job search tools with 250 million visitors to the site each month. That means employers get hundreds of responses to their job postings.

You want to use search terms that most match your career experience to find jobs where you can be a top candidate.

For the What search box you can use:

  • Job titles
  • Company names
  • Career fields
  • Skills, and certifications

For the Where window you can use city, state or zip code. You can also leave it blank or put work from home or home-based.

After entering keywords, click on “Find Jobs” to the right of the search boxes to generate a list of jobs matching the terms you entered.

Use Search Filters to Find the Most Relevant Jobs

Search filters will help you narrow the listings down. This step is important because you don’t want to waste your time applying for jobs that aren’t a good match.

It’s best to start with the filters set to the specific job you want. Then if there aren’t enough listings, you can set more general filters.

The easiest way to set filters is to click the Advanced Job Search link. You’ll see a screen like this:

Screenshot of advanced search functions.

Scroll down to the Where and When section to set the filter to show job postings that are less than a week old.

If you are in a field where there are tons of jobs, you can also set the filter to show jobs posted within 3 days or 1 day of posting.

A major drawback to a job aggregator such as is that some postings are days old before they get listed on the site.

As you can see there are tons of filters including salary, full-time, part-time, location, career level and more.

You can also exclude staffing agencies from the results.

How to Apply for Jobs on Indeed 

When you do a job search, you’ll see pages of results. But how do you apply for jobs on To apply, you’ll want to have your resume and cover letter ready to be customized and uploaded.

Having your resume on Indeed and a short cover letter template ready to cut and paste into the application will save you time.

1. Click on the Job Title 

Every job listing is formatted the same way. The Job Title is the first thing you’ll see. Then the listing has the company or organization you’ll work for, salary information and a excerpt of the job description. You can also see when the job was posted on Indeed.

In tis example, you want to click the Urban Planner title.

Screenshot of an job listing

If the job search looks like this one above, you’ll have to take the extra step of going to the company website to apply. Click on the job title, you will see the entire job description, requirements for the job and how to apply. Click the Apply on Company Website button to go to the job listing on the company site.

Follow the process outlined on that company’s job site.

2. Apply With Your Indeed Resume 

Screenshot of a job listing that you can apply to with an Indeed resume

This job description allows you to apply using the Indeed resume you created. When you click on the job title, you’ll see the job description and a button to Apply With Your Indeed Resume.

When you click the button, you may be asked to answer qualifying questions such as how much experience you have doing a certain task. You may have to describe your qualifications.

If you are logged in to Indeed, your name, contact information, and resume will be ready to send to the employer. They will contact you through to request an interview or to get more information.

If prompted to send in a cover letter, send a brief note about what makes you the most qualified for the position. You should customize it as best you can to the job you are applying for. But keep it brief.

5 Tips for Success Using

1. Sign Up to Get New Job Notifications 

When you conduct a job search, you’ll be asked to create an email notification for new jobs. If you are on a computer, the prompt is next to the list of jobs. It looks like this:

This feature is useful if you are looking at several different, but related job titles such as technical writer, copywriter, communications specialist.

It’s important to set up searches for these terms because you can get more potential jobs delivered to you.

2. Use the Mobile App 

The app allows you to search for and apply to jobs any time. It can also send you push notifications and track the jobs you’ve applied to. It also recommends jobs based on previous applications.

You’ll also be alerted to direct messages from employers. You want to answer these requests in a timely way.

3. Research the Companies

Indeed has a ton of information about the companies you want to work for. Read employee reviews to get a sense of what morale is like and if you should apply. You’ll also find information about salaries, benefits and general financial health of the company.

Don’t waste your time applying for jobs at companies who can’t retain workers or have major issues going on in the workplace.

4. Apply as Early as You Can

Most industries and businesses, want to hire the best candidate for the job opening as quickly as possible. The job market is and will continue to be competitive.

This means that hundreds, if not thousands of people are applying for the job you want.

But hiring managers don’t want to sift through thousands of resumes, they will generally have the job open for a short window, a week or list it as open until filled.

The latter approach allows them to screen candidates and interview them as people are still applying. The earlier you get your information to them, the more likely you are to make the cut.

5. Apply Apply Apply.

Indeed is convenient and practically does the job search for you. Make a goal of applying for at least one job a day.

You may feel tempted to talk yourself out of applying, but keep going. Make sure you qualify for at least half of the listed requirements. And apply.

Broaden the net and search for jobs outside of your city. Take the time to see how you’re doing at the end of each week. Applications vs interviews and adjust your strategy as needed.