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What to Wear to A Job Interview: Tantilizing Teal & Silver

what to wear to a job interview

Classic pieces updated with on-trend jewelry and colors are a perfect choice if you are wondering what to wear to a job interview. This post will give you pointers on how to look and feel your best.

Let’s face it. Going to an interview is a lot like going on a blind date. Only this is a blind date that could mean more financial gain, personal fulfillment, and a better future — no biggie.

If you are feeling nervous try on a few of these 50 job interview affirmations.

How to Make a Good First Impression

As with a first date, the first impression is the most important one. The person who is interviewing you is seriously judging you based on how you look and what you wear to the interview.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but how you look plays a huge part in a job interview. The person interviewing you obviously liked your awesome resume, but now he or she has to make a hiring decision based on what they see and hear in the interview.

As you blab away about your weaknesses, the interviewer is evaluating how you would fit in the organization, assessing your personality and deciding if you are likable. It’s totally superficial, but that’s why you have to be completely strategic about what to wear to a job interview. You don’t have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on an outfit, but you want to make sure that:

  • Your shoes aren’t scuffed — flats or low heels reduce the likelihood of a stumble.
  • Your hairstyle is updated — It’s trimmed and your roots are not terrible.
  • You wear clothes that are comfortable — no tugging or adjusting needed.
  • You wear a minimal amount of perfumes — lotions too as they can be just as strong as sprays.
  • Your jewelry doesn’t jingle, clink or click — keep jewelry light.

Why You Should Dress Conservatively

When it comes to your personal style, you want to dress more conservative than you normally would. For instance, if you love big prints with a lot of colors, you could wear a single pop of color or a large-stripe in black and white blouse under a black blazer.

You also want to leave the sexy at home. Make sure your cleavage is covered and your shirt is not a second skin. It may feel like a date with the judging and small talk, but it is not. You may feel like a Drabby McDrabface, but trust us it is better to be boring than boob-a-licious.

What to Wear to a Job Interview Outfit — Teal and Silver

This outfit is classic and conservative, but it also has a few surprises. A pop of teal is great for winter complexions and its on-trend. Teal says I am cool and stay calm under pressure. The pants, shoes, jewerly and blazer can all be what to wear to a job interview staples that you can have at the ready.

Stretchy Black Blazer

Black blazers are a staple if you are making the job interview rounds

This stretchy black blazer from Beyove has 3/4 sleeves and plenty of room to move. The last thing you want to do during an interview is keep pushing up your sleeves.

The soft and light fabric means it is breathable and keeps you cool. It has a one-button closure, but can be worn open. This blazer comes in a rainbow of colors but stick to dark blue, gray or black for the interview. Bring the color on your first day at your new job.

Our second choice for a stretchy black blazer is from POTGMM and is basically the same, but it might work better for you if you are petite.

Teal Shirt for a Pop of Color

teal shirt

While you want to look conservative, you don’t want to look like you are going to a funeral. A pop of color can bring a brightness to your face and bring out your eyes. I bought this exact shirt and I love it. It is comfortable and more dressed up than a T-shirt. The only drawback is that the shirt is jersey, so I bought this sexy little number too.

This light-weight jersey is comfortable and the drape flatters any figure. It has a boat neckline, so there’s no wondering if you’re showing too much. It is a perfect shirt to wear to a job interview. I did wear it to a job interview.

You can read the product review where I explain how stupid comfortable this shirt is. I do into the results of the interview in this post. The blazer will hide a wayward bra strap. I like this teal color, but the shirt comes in many colors. Choose a color that brings out your eyes. I am going to get like 10 of these.

Black Flats

these are black flats, another job interview essential

You probably have at least three pairs of these in your closet. You may not wear flats on the regular, but you may want to go for a low heel when deciding what to wear to a job interview. First of all, flats such as the Anne Klein ones here are comfortable. Make sure your shoes look new and are not 3-inch look-at-me-heels.

Your interview outfit should scream business not booty call. You want to blend in and have what you say in the interview be the main focus. If your profession requires you to dress like a Kardashian then go for it.

Classic Black Pants

We like these pants from Rafaella that are not too flared and not too skinny. If you already have black pants, just make sure they are not faded or raggedy looking.

Also, make sure the fit is good. You shouldn’t feel like you stuffed 10 pounds of flour into a 5-pound bag. Not only is wearing too-tight pants uncomfortable, it’s what muffin tops thrive on.

When deciding what to wear to a job interview, you should feel confident, comfortable and career appropriate.

Confidence comes from knowing that you look good. Comfort comes from clothes that fit, not what the size tag says. Sizes can vary from brand to brand. Being plus-sized is fine. No one is going to ask you what size you are at the job interview.

Inspiring Silver Jewelry

Here’s where you can express yourself — to a point. Avoid jewelry that jingles when you move. It can be distracting during a job interview. You also want to avoid necklaces that you have to straighten or that might go lopsided at a moment’s notice. These jewelry picks from Silpada are understated but still make quite the impression.

I want this bracelet. It’s like having a pep talk on your wrist. It reminds you to stay positive and let your talents shine. The braided leather band won’t clank against anything. If you get flustered during the job interview (who doesn’t, right?) take a breath and “be the light.”

When thinking about what to wear to a job interview, jewelry can be bold like this Silpada pendant.

This necklace called the Badge of Beauty has an etched sterling silver pendant on a black leather cord. It is a substantial piece that you will enjoy wearing for years after the interview.

It makes a statement, but it is not distracting. The pendant measures 2 3/16 by 1 11/16 inches. Necklace measures 18 inches long, plus a 2-inch extender for adjustable length, and features a lobster clasp.

Finally, these earrings will light up your face with their simple, yet elegant design. With earrings like this, you want to make sure you have the rubber backs secured or bend the hooks slightly. You wouldn’t want to fling an earring at the interviewer as you enthusiastically nod at them.

So now you don’t have to wonder what to wear to the interview. Good luck! You’ll do great.


Kate Williams

Kate Williams is a business communications expert and is the editor of Job Affirmations. She is a professional resume writer and has studied Myers-Briggs personality types and how they influence career choice. Job Affirmations has hundreds of job descriptions categorized by the 16 Myers-Briggs types, by career interests and work values. Kate also shares her best writing tips including the proper formatting of emails and cover letters You'll find positive affirmations for work, inspirational quotes, career vision boards for your best year ever.


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