Namaste is used frequently in yoga classes as a closing to a session.

Why Your Job Search Needs Namaste + 25 Powerful Affirmations

Namaste pronounced nah-mah-stay. has long been associated with a yoga practice, but what is the meaning of namasté and how can it help you find a job?

Definition of Namasté

Namasté is a Sanskrit word that when translated essentially means “I bow to you.” It is a common greeting of respect in India. Yoga practitioners have adopted the salutation to close a class as a way to thank everyone for being there. It is done with the hands in a prayer position with all ten fingers touching one another and thumbs at the heart.

The mystery surrounding namaste and the use of the word in a pretentious way has brought it some criticism.

In 2015, a group of parents at a Cobb County elementary in Georgia made headlines because a yoga class offered at the school taught mindfulness practices that were interpreted as going against Christianity. The word namasté was banned from use as was the namaste gesture.

Spiritual Meaning of Namasté

Namasté is not just a trendy phrase that we say without thinking about it. It encapsulates the idea that all are one. It affirms that our souls are made from the same divine source despite having different physical appearances.

According to an article by Karson McGinleyBy saying namasté (and meaning it), you are saying that you see others for what you actually are.

It’s an affirmation of the choice to identify with God-consciousness, rather than the ego, which would have you believe that you are somehow superior or inferior to any other being on this planet.

A Namasté Attitude and Your Job Search

The meanings of namaste is the absence of ego. You acknowledge the divine nature of a person.

When you are searching for a new job, a first job or a better job, the ego can take over. Many people see the hiring process as a competition.

And from the way it’s set up, it can certainly feel that way. Your application has to get noticed among hundreds of candidates.

Recruiters scrutinize your resume and, if you a lucky, you get called for an interview.

Your ego wants to show the interviewer that you deserve to win. But with a namaste attitude of we are all one, you can relax.

There is no ego, so there is no worry about not being good enough or disappointment if you do not get a job offer. It simply was not the right opportunity for you.

If you want to further build your confidence and let go of trying to let external influences shape your life, these affirmations will help you release negativity about finding a job.

25 Affirmations for Your Job Search

Say these affirmations aloud and focus on what you want your job search to look like. Do you want to have a great interview? Do you picture the hiring manager calling you with a job offer that is even better than you had hoped? According to the law of attraction, we must believe that we already have what we want. We must feel good to attract good. These affirmations will help raise you out of negative, ego-driven thoughts.

  1. Success is inevitable.
  2. I am open to the flow of job opportunities.
  3. New experiences lead me to new opportunities.
  4. I have done the best I can.
  5. I let go of worry and allow abundance.
  6. My job search is easy.
  7. I am qualified and uniquely talented.
  8. I create my career with ease and confidence.
  9. Job opportunities come easily.
  10. Infinite possibilities surround me, I just have to receive them.
  11. The universe is my career coach.
  12. I am the perfect person for this job.
  13. I am confident and competent.
  14. I can and I will.
  15. I allow the opportunities to come to me.
  16. Overthinking and negativity have no place here.
  17. There is a job that fits me perfectly.
  18. My job search is an exercise in knowing myself.
  19. The more I know and accept myself, the easier the job search is.
  20. Abundance flows toward me.
  21. Rejection is realignment.
  22. I listen to my inner voice.
  23. I let go of others’ expectations.
  24. I respect the search even after a setback.
  25. I relax and let go so the job opportunities flow.

Good luck and namaste!